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Smaller suppliers Good Energy and Ebico raises prices

Two smaller suppliers have followed the Big Six and announced price rises before winter hits.

Good Energy and Ebico have announced price rises, with Good Energy increasing their electricity prices only by 9%, and Ebico raising prices by 10% on average.

Good Energy’s price rise will kick in on the 5th of December, and is the first price rise from the company in four years. Ebico meanwhile will push prices up on the 2nd of December, with rises that will see their average bill size go from £1,247 to £1,376 according to Energylinx.

The news follows moves by five of the ‘Big Six’ suppliers, with all but E.On announcing price rises. The latest announcement came from EDF Energy, who will push prices up 10.8% on average from the 7th of December.

The announcement from Good Energy also follows a strong recent profit announcement from the supplier.
Meanwhile OVO Energy and E.On have both pledged no price rises in 2012.

Good Energy supplies 100% of its electricity from renewable sources generated by wind, small-scale hydro and solar power generators located across Britain. Here’s how they compare to other suppliers:

Good Energy produces the least CO2 at 0 kilograms per kilo watt hour

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