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Putting the army on leave to save on heating bills?

The Daily Mail is reporting that army personnel will be given 25 days off over christmas as ‘an opportunity for utility savings’.

winterAll 110,000 Army personnel have been given leave between 14 December and 7 January to help cut the Army’s gas and electricity bills, according to a leaked memo seen by the Daily Mail.

The move, which means all barracks will be empty for nearly a month, was described by chief of staff for land forces General Cullen as an opportunity to ‘fully exploit the utility efficiencies available by closing down buildings/working areas over this period’.

However the decision has met with criticism from some quarters. Former commander Colonel Richard Kemp described the move as ‘sheer desperation’. Speaking to the Daily Mail he said:

“Shutting down the Army for an extended period over Christmas is an act of sheer desperation by military commanders starved of cash by the Government.

Labour defence spokesman Jim Murphy said: “If there is an impact on training, operations or readiness in order to save on gas or electricity bills, we should be told.”

But the government denied that cost-cutting was the motivation. Sources at the Ministry of Defence said: ‘In recognition of the exceptionally busy year the Army has had both on operations and at home …the usual Christmas leave period has been extended.

  • Mike Fowler

    As per usual this erratic government has left a trail of stupidittus which has culminated in interested parties being given sufficient notice to take over islands or other targets with no fear of reprisal until late february at the earliest by which time they would be entrenched to such a degree Cameron would have no choice but to capitulate.
    I guess we might have to call him the “sorry man”.
    Sorry state of affairs.
    Sorry mess he’s got us into.
    Sorry state of a fragmented tory party.
    Sorry bunch of Etonites at the helm of a ship that far from seaworthy.

  • jennifer

    if gas& electric go up sky high they’ll be a lot of deaths or hunger.why must we suffer poverty?my parents fought for england but,for what?

  • Captain Sensible

    Military always have an extended grant period over the festive season. Not everyone is away during that time but the majority are. Skeleton staff are maintained but it isn’t a cost cutting exercise, it’s just been labelled as such because some thrifty budget holder has recognised it as an opportunity to switch a few lights and radiators off. And why not? Good common sense if you ask me, something which is to be applauded rather than exploited for political gain by members of the opposition who put us into this position in the first place. Oddly enough, I don’t leave lights on in rooms I’m not using either!