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Cold snap could push household energy bills up by £7 a week

Households face higher energy bills as the UK braces itself for below freezing weather.

With widespread frost, ice and snow predicted to drive down temperatures across the UK in following weeks, uSwitch research has found that the cold weather could cost households as much as £7 a week in additional costs on their energy bills.

All six of Britain’s energy suppliers have announced an increase in prices this winter, with E.ON’s price rise still due to come into effect on 18 January. The average household energy bill has now hit a record high of £1,352 a year.

Heating the home comes to 44% of the average energy bill. On average it costs just over £3 a day to heat a home, but low temperatures could easily add £1 a day to energy bills.

Heat rationing

Tom Lyon, energy expert at uSwitch said: “If freezing weather sets in for a month, it’s perfectly feasible for households to see an extra £30 added onto their next energy bill and this will be a real struggle for some.

“The worry is that many households will try to make ends meet by cutting back on their heating. This is why it’s so important that households with an elderly resident check whether they are eligible for winter fuel payments, and why those on benefits such as pension credit, make sure they get the cold weather allowance.

“I would also urge consumers to check that they are on the most competitive energy plan for their needs.

“Moving to a better deal will mean paying less for the energy you use, which could make all the difference when temperatures plummet. And instead of going without heat, adopting simple energy efficiency measures is a safer way of reducing the amount of energy you use.

“These two simple steps are everyone’s best defence against the high cost of energy this winter, and for many winters to come.”

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  • wendy

    It makes me sick how much profit these companys make when we are all having hard times. Wendy from wiltshire

  • Cold & Fed up

    I would love to know where the £3 per day comes from my combined gas and electric bill was £180 (mainly gas) I have switched provider but winter will be over by the time it kicks in