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Warm Front Scheme: £50 million left unused

Over half of the £100 million set aside for the Warm Front Scheme has been handed out

As the deadline for applications for the Warm Front Scheme approaches, it was revealed by ITV’s Daybreak programme that only half of the total money has been handed out – the second year in a row this has occurred.

Susannah Hickling, a guest on the programme told the show:

“I had a particularly bad year one year being self employed and a lone parent with a seven-year-old child so I wondered whether I was eligible for a Warm Front scheme, got in touch and they said yes you but then I heard nothing.

“Nine months after having put in the application and having seen the assessor I got a phone call saying yes we can come and do your loft insulation and draft proofing”.


In 2011-2012, just £56 million of the £145 million, or less than two thirds  of the scheme, was successfully allocated in the UK.

This round has seen just 22,000 apply for funding.

The total budget was reduced to £100 million, but this doesn’t seem to have made it easier to give the money away and, with the deadline on Saturday 19th September, it seems unlikely that the money will be handed out.

The news comes as Britain heads into below freezing temperatures, leaving thousands of vulnerable customers at risk.

With rising energy prices, the cost of heating the home has become increasingly difficult. The average bill size for a pensioner is now double what it was in 2005, while 23% of the population have to choose between spending their budget on ‘heating or eating’.

Energy-saving home installations have increasingly been a major focus for the government to both reach environmental targets and help customers to drive down the cost of their energy bills.

Are you eligible?

The Warm Front Scheme is a grant to help homes become more energy efficient. To be an eligible candidate, you must be a recipient of certain income-related benefits and live in a property that is poorly insulated or not have a working central heating system in England.

Applicants can apply for funding for the following:

– loft insulation,

– draught-proofing,

– cavity wall insulation,

– fitting central heating,

– fitting gas room heaters with thermostat controls,

– hot water tank insulation,

– converting a solid fuel open fire to a glass front fire.

If you have previous energy efficiency work carried out through the Warm Front scheme you can now apply for top ups

How to apply

If you want to apply for the Warm Front scheme, you can either

– apply online

– email

– call  0800 316 2805 (lines open Monday – Friday 8.00am – 6.00pm and Saturday 9.00am – 5.00pm)

– download an application and send it to Eaga, Freepost NEA12054, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1BR.

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  • lorraine0925

    Devastated that I did not know read your article about this grant scheme before now as you state that eligibility to receive a grant had eased up alittle. Someone told me about the scheme in December 2012, I hadn’t heard of it.
    I couldn’t understand then and I still don’t understand why when the Job Centre Plus offices, the council housing benefits office, the council tax benefit offices and ALL of the government benefit offices are fully AWARE of those of us in need and DON’T tell us that we can get help??????
    It makes no sense to me?! I downloaded the Carillion application form in December to read that I was not eligible to apply for the grant as my son left college in June 2012. Although neither of us are in employment, we have less than the allowed annual income AND we have NO central heating in our home, I was not eligible for a grant as my son was no longer in full time education???
    Now reading your article I wish that I had pursued the matter but it is now too late as I’ve seen that applications to apply for a grant ended on Saturday 19th January, just one week ago! Tragic as I am sitting here shivering, covered in goosebumps with icicles for fingers…..
    Is there anyone I can send an appeal to?????? Thanks.
    Lorraine, shivering in Shepperton, Surrey.

    • bailey6669

      i got a warm front grant for new boiler and thermostat £4000 i was on benefits but in a mortgaged home, lost my home as i was ill but i still got it. they are really good

  • ian

    Had loft insulation drafr proof one only what iabout rest.not on list he said took nine months to get that done thats.sandwell coucil for you