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Yoko Ono and Liv Tyler appear in anti-fracking campaign video

Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and others speak out against U.S. fracking

disagreeMore than 25 artists, including musicians, actors and performers, have shown their support of the U.S.-based Artists Against Fracking campaign with a music video.

“Don’t Frack My Mother” features music by Sean Lennon and appearances from Yoko Ono, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Liv Tyler, among others.

The campaign targets fracking in the form of hydraulic fracturing in upstate New York.

Fracking, which involves making small explosions underground and injecting chemicals to release gas, has been the source of controversy in the UK.

The practice was ceased after it created a minor earthquake in Blackpool in 2011 but was reinstated subject to regular seismic evaluations. Whilst many are concerned about the risk of more serious earthquakes, many are also concerned about its impact on water and air pollution.

Environmental groups say that far from stabilising energy bills, the ‘dash for gas’ will add up to £600 to domestic energy bills  by the end of the decade.

However, those who support fracking in the UK say those concerns are exaggerated.

Energy secretary Ed Davey says fracking would “contribute significantly to [the UK] energy security” and reduce the need to import gas from abroad.

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