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E.ON announces £2.6bn profit and says UK investment is double that

E.ON posts profits but energy price rises still likely to rise

EON announces record profitsHowever, the energy supplier cited its ‘significant investment’ to ‘protect secure energy supplies for Britain’, and claimed its total investment into the UK infrastructure was almost twice what it made in profit.

In January, E.ON became the last of the big six energy providers to raise its prices for UK households. Customers saw the price of an average dual fuel bill rise by £110 from £1,260 a year to £1,370, as energy bills overall reached an all-time high of of £1,352 a year; £251 higher than in January 2011.

However, E.ON cited its recent uSwitch Customer Satisfaction award for its customer services and said it was working toward helping its customers to manage their energy bills more effectively.

Tony Cocker, Chief Executive, E.ON UK said: “Looking back at 2012 we worked hard to make sure that the choices we made were right for our customers and the efforts we made to freeze our prices and make our customer service better had a real and positive impact.

“As a result of the changes we have made, many of which were difficult and challenging, we were named by consumers and uSwitch as their ‘customer satisfaction overall winner’ for the first time.

“We made our bills easier to understand by making them just one page long, and made it cheaper to contact us by introducing local rate numbers to call us on. We continue to invest in providing support to the people who need most help. “We continue to help our customers to control their energy use by providing them with smart meters.”

In 2011, the energy suppliers saw loss of £1.86 billion for 2011 as Germany shut down eight nuclear reactors following the Fukushima disaster, and in November 2012 it scrapped its profit targets, blaming the demise of nuclear energy and the surge in renewable sources.

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