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Green Deal inspiring energy saving measures across UK

Ed Davey: The benefits are ‘obvious’

green homeThe government’s flagship Green Deal is inspiring Brits to make their homes more energy efficient, new statistics suggest.

Research from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has found that 47% of households who had received a Green Deal advice report after undergoing an assessment said they had either installed energy saving measures, or were planning on it.

Meanwhile, a further 31% of those questioned said they would ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ install at least one measure.

Green Deal assessments ‘a positive experience’

The research, which focused on homes that had undergone an assessment before the end of March 2013, also found that the assessment experience was positive for the majority of households.

Seventy-five per cent of respondents rated the usefulness of the assessment as high, and 77% said they have confidence in the recommendations of those who carried it out.

When asked what motivated them to opt for a Green Deal assessment, 68% said that saving money was the main factor, while 38% said they wanted to cut their energy usage for environmental reasons.

Green Deal awareness is growing

Awareness of the Green Deal benefits is also on the rise, according to the research. Indeed, awareness of the initiative doubled over the early months of the scheme.

In November 2012, just 10% of households were aware of the Green Deal, which launched in January of this year. But, by May 2013, this figure had shot up to 22%.

A separate study published last week revealed that making energy improvements to a property can see its value rocket.  According to the research, making energy saving improvements to a house could see its value rise by 14% on average. However, in some parts of England, the value of such a home could rocket to 38%.

This news is likely to see uptake of the Green Deal increase.

Ed Davey: The benefits are “obvious”

Speaking at the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Green Deal, energy secretary Ed Davey commented: “All the signs are that British householders are motivated by energy efficiency. In an era of rising energy prices, the benefits are obvious.

“Last week we saw evidence that energy efficiency adds a premium to property values. Now we have evidence that Green Deal assessments are leading to householders investing in energy saving measures.”

He emphasised that although the Green Deal has only just got underway, it is clearly already inspiring consumers to make positive changes that will ensure their homes stay warm and their bills low.

“This is great news for the energy efficiency industry as well, because this shows a genuine appetite among householders for more energy efficient homes,” continued the politician.

Meanwhile, energy and climate change minister Greg Barker described these findings as “fantastic”.

He noted that the majority of people appear to be finding the assessments to be a valuable experience that can help them to understand where their property is lacking in terms of energy efficiency, and what they can do to cope with it.

Mr Barker continued that the growing awareness of the Green Deal is “encouraging”, but emphasised the long term nature of the initiative, indicating that it has plenty more work to do yet.

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  • Its good to see some positive news on the Green Deal for a change. The Green Deal is a little more complicated than it needs to be but it is still a sound scheme. Take-up will grow as our energy costs continue to rise.