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Five of the Big Six axe green tariffs

Green campaigners warn that the move could damage the national drive to tackle climate change

Five of the Big Six energy companies have scrapped their green tariffs for new customers, it has been announced.

npower revealed earlier this month that its domestic green electricity tariff was to be dropped for new customers. EDF, E.ON, SSE and Scottish Power are also no longer offering domestic green tariffs.

Energy customers ‘will find it more difficult to be green’ 

These developments have severely restricted the number of options for consumers who want to support green electricity.

Ed Gill, head of external affairs at Good Energy, commented that the development was “very disappointing”.

He said: “This is not in the interests of consumers, or the UK more widely. We need to be calling for the Big Six – who sell some 90% of all electricity – to take responsibility for offering consumers a green tariff if we are to meet our UK targets and address energy and climate change issues.

“We are all for competition in this market place. But when the government called on energy providers to simplify their tariffs, this was presumably not what they had in mind.”

Tariffs dropped as part of product review

According to the companies that have dropped the tariffs for new customers, the development was part of a review of their products, and levels of interest from customers were taken into account. Most energy companies claim to offer alterative green plans.

EDF Energy, for example, encourage customers to opt for its line of “blue” products, which come with a guarantee that the electricity used will be matched by the generation of low carbon electricity in nuclear power stations.

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