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Social landlords receive £7m for renewable energy

Forty-six social landlords across Great Britain have been given a share of £7m in a bid to improve the energy efficiency of their tenants’ homes

Gregory BarkerThe social landlords are the first group of successful bidders to be announced as part of the latest round of Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) competition, which was launched in May this year.

Landlords receiving the money will use the funding to help install a host of renewable heating kit such as air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar thermal installations.

Greg Barker: The coalition determined to help with rising cost of living

Greg Barker, energy and climate change minister, commented: “The coalition is determined to help consumers with the rising cost of living. This latest cash boost for social landlords will help install nearly 2,400 renewable heating technologies in the homes of social tenants, helping hard pressed families save money on their energy bills.

“It’s great to see so many social landlords across Great Britain getting involved. The second strand of our renewable heat competition is still open to bids so I would encourage those who have not yet taken advantage of the funding available to get on board.”

550+ heat pumps on the way

Successful candidates include Stroud District Council in Gloucestershire which are planning to install more than 400 air source heat pumps. Meanwhile, Devon and Cornwall Housing Ltd are using the funding to purchase more than 150 ground source heat pumps.

The Energy Saving Trust reviewed the bids, and a panel of representatives from DECC looked at a range of criteria, including value for money, fuel to be replaced, extra energy efficiency measures to be installed and initiatives to work with local communities.

The projects that won the funding did so because they were deeemed to offer the best value for money, as well as the best mix of renewable heat technologies. Initiatives undertaken as a result of the funding will need to be finished by the end of March 2014.

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  • Peter

    The all insurance ‘industry’ is a big MAFIA aimed to rip us off.
    job title, minor modifications which does not affect safety, how car is used, who drives – provided he has got license to drive it should not matter.
    they should be entitled to have address, make/model/value of the car, owner data, no claims discount and that’s it. mileage should not be included as nobody can precisely predict it.

    Charging 50quid for making a simple change in the policy is A CRIME – THIS IS LIKE A FORCED TRIBUTE TO ORGANISED CRIME!

  • ronnie03

    Since most insurers do not seem to include those details in the policy quotes or documents nowadays, how on earth is anyone expected to know whether they are relevant or not ?

  • Tony Couch

    Just like airlines. You get offered a great deal – apparently – but the sting in the tail is hovering. I wonder if there are targets for the “add ons” that can be charged? The Government are also adding to the pain with increases in tax on insurance policies. Is there room for a “fairness to the customer” comparison site????

  • Shakeel

    Insurance companies make a big profit doing minor amendments to the policy , if you move just a 100 yards from your home and you have full no claim bonus with no insurance claim history they can still charge you upto £200 for change of address .

  • ghessey

    I was lucky during my career I changed departments etc many times but always was a “local government officer” in their box selection, one thing many people do fail to do is get proper cover if they get mileage from or use their car for employer purposes. The charges for changes are frankly a profit makerand its time they were only able, should they do so at all, to charge the real cost

  • arno

    it does not make any sense. So premiums are based on employment statistics which according to the article is known to be wrong in 60% of cases!?!
    Also the article says accidents are more common at night. I’m sure I’ve seen data showing that most car accidents happen when the most people are on the road, that is during rush hours. But there are more fatal accidents at night.

    Who regulates the data analysis used by insurance, banks etc? You can massage the data to say anything these days.

  • colin

    why cant a system be developed to allow you to log onto insurance company sites with your insurance details and a password. then we could enter & change details our selves. e.g change of vechicle, change of address, change of job, ect

  • Gilly

    Can, t understand that sn insurance company can charge an extra £54 a year because I am unemployed. I do not use my car half as much as I used to. Seems stupid……

    • Alrock

      It comes back to the old adage…
      “The more money you have the cheaper things are”

  • Dennis Tate

    It’s just a cash cow to be charged these excessive amounts for change of detail.
    Needs regulated sooner rather than later.

  • Alrock

    Should scrap compulsory car insurance, basic 3rd party should be included on the road tax at a flat rate based on the vehicle. If you want extra insurance on top of this then you can get it from an insurance provider.