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Nick Clegg says ‘Luddite’ Tories have become less green

Deputy prime minister claims that Tory right-wingers have abandoned the ‘very pro-green’ language they were using before the general election

The politician labelled those resisting green energy moves “Luddites”, as he underlined the differences in policy between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

He accused his coalition partners of abandoning the green language they were using before the election, but also stated that the government had hit new highs regarding investment in renewable energy.

‘Huge natural resources’

“We have huge natural resources which allow us to lead in the global race to become the cutting-edge green economy in the world,” he commented.

“Not everybody agrees, of course. The Industrial Revolution had its Luddites and we have sceptics who still insist that if you are pro-Green you are somehow anti-growth. I could not disagree more.”

The deputy prime minister added that Britain needs to “put [its] foot down on the accelerator” when it comes to renewable energy.

He also questioned why the government would consider sacrificing Britain’s leading global position in terms of renewable energy when the nation should be fighting to maintain this status.

Huge potential for green jobs

Clegg stated that the green economy has the potential to create 30,000 jobs and contribute a further £7 billion to the economy by the end of the decade. This success, he added, should be exploited in the years and months ahead.

He noted that green jobs are one of the “great opportunities” to come out of the renewables industry, which is currently experiencing a boom and is worth around £3.4 trillion globally.

These comments come as Clegg prepares to launch a new government strategy for offshore wind power alongside Ed Davey, the energy secretary, in Grimsby tomorrow. He believes these plans will help secure Britain’s position at the forefront of the green energy race.

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