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Prime Minister throws support behind fracking

david cameronThe politician asked residents in Lancashire to support fracking and revealed his frustration that the US is already much further ahead in terms of exploiting shale reserves.

Cameron has visited Darwin, where energy company Cuadrilla is planning to search for shale gas, in a bid to dampen worries about the environmental impact of fracking, which campaigners allege could cause tremors and water pollution.

‘No question of fire coming out of taps’

Addressing these concerns, Cameron said there would be no question of earthquakes or “fire coming out of taps” if the UK was to embrace fracking.

He said: “There’s some myths we’ve got to dispel.

“Nothing’s going to happen in this country unless it’s environmentally safe, so there’s no question of having earthquakes and fire coming out of taps and all the rest of it.

“There will be very clear environmental procedures and certificates you’ll have to get before you can frack.”

He also said that the government is trying to implement a “very simple” reward system, in which every time a well is dug, a substantial amount of money is given to the local community.

The comments follow a report issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government which revealed 16 different ways in which fracking could impact the environment. These included flooding, air pollution, visual intrusion, destruction of archaeological sites, subsidence and land contamination.

A change in energy policy

Cameron also indicated that there would not be “a lot more” onshore wind turbines constructed in the UK – an announcement that will be welcomed by countryside groups. Instead, he said, Britain will focus on offshore wind, nuclear power and shale gas exploration.

These comments indicate government energy policy has shifted, but this is unlikely to go down well with the Liberal Democrats. Last year energy secretary Ed Davey disputed former Tory energy minister John Hayes’ comments that “enough is enough” when it comes to wind farms.

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  • William Napier

    if true we are sitting on a possible limiless supply of energy. just wait until you see the energy bill for last winter and then double it in 10yrs time as we are held to ransom by russia / quatar. though being up north i hope the south plays its fair share or else pays an increased tax from the ‘dirty fracking’ some one else has to do for you