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E.ON puts an end to cold calling

The energy giant announced it would no longer be targeting potential customers through unsolicited calls

The announcement was made hours after rival big six energy company SSE unveiled its own plans to stop cold calling.

The new strategy will be put in place as of the 19 August, at which point E.ON will only call customers and prospects which have agreed to be contacted.

‘Listening to our customers is critical’

Anthony Ainsworth, sales and marketing director of E.ON UK, said: “This is the right thing to do. Over the last few months we’ve been working hard to make sure we truly understood how people feel about getting so called ‘cold calls’ at home and although we were still putting things in place to make this happen behind the scenes, it is best that we speed things up and confirm today that we’ve stopped these telephone calls.

“Listening to our customers is critical to everything we do and as we’ve repeatedly shown, and are showing, we’ll make the changes needed to constantly improve and offer the best service we can.”

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