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Fussy eaters ‘drive up energy bills’

Households cooking multiple meals to accommodate picky eaters waste energy and time

gas flame burningAlmost half of parents cook numerous evening meals for their family, new research has revealed, with a quarter blaming fussy eaters in their family.

Research from E.ON revealed that by doing so, families are collectively wasting some £213 million a year as they run multiple cooking appliances like ovens, microwaves and hobs.

In addition to this extra energy being used, parents are spending more than five days a year and over £577 on additional food per household when it comes to catering for the different tastes of their family members.

6% of kids dictate dinner decisions

It seems that parents could benefit from putting their foot down a bit more in the kitchen, as 6% admit their kids dictate what’s on the menu for dinner.

Almost three-quarters admitted it’s mum who has to plan evening meals, and almost half said they leave mum to do the washing up, too.

It was also revealed that deciding what to eat causes arguments in a third of households, while other reasons cited for multiple meal habits include differing tastes between adults and children (39%), varied tastes (23%) and family members wanting to eat at different times (16%).

Fussy diners eat up energy

Beverly Maguire, energy efficiency expert at E.ON, commented: “We understand that catering for different situations can sometimes be necessary, but there are simple changes that can be made when preparing those additional evening meals which can help families use no more energy than they really need.”

She added that with parents across the UK being busy juggling a number of aspects of their lives, it is no surprise that they often overlook the energy impact of cooking multiple meals.

“We’d urge all parents to consider the full costs of preparing lots of meals for their family – as well as the additional supermarket bill, the energy cost to cook them can add up too,” she added.