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As energy bills look set to rise, is now the time to fix?

Consumers can shield themselves from price rises with fixed rate plans, although there are also disadvantages

hand grabbing moneyWriting for the Telegraph, Richard Dyson suggests that if prices continue to rise at the current rate over the next few years, fixed tariffs could look an increasingly attractive proposition.

These claims come in the wake of various industry experts alluding to imminent energy price rises.

Prices to continue to increase 

According to Ofgem, the average household in the UK has seen bill hikes of £300 in the last few years. In a similar vein, npower has warned that energy bills for Brits will go up by £240 in the next seven years.

The German owned energy provider, which supplies energy to 13% of UK households, also stated that it would not rule out implementing a price hike before Christmas 2013.

Are fixed rate energy plans the answer?

One option for consumers looking to avoid price hikes is to sign up to a fixed rate energy deal.

Scottish Power launched its Fixed Price Energy January 2017 plan last week. Under the Scottish Power deal, homeowners commit to paying an annual charge of £1,350 based on the average pattern of household usage. If the energy market continues to evolve as forecast, the plan would enable consumers to make a saving.

However, a number of factors and risks need to be considered before selecting an energy contract.

Fixing rates carries certain risks

The primary issue concerning fixed price contracts is the premium which consumers pay to ensure their energy prices are fixed.

For example, Dyson considers the average household on M&S Energy’s Fix & Save tariff, the current cheapest one-year deal on the market, which will pay £1,139. If energy prices rise by 10% per year, this figure would reach £1,500 by the third year.

Their total payment over three years would then be £3,891, £159 lower than the Scottish Power three-year total of £4,050.

However, should energy prices rise by more over that period; it is possible that those on the M&S Energy deal would pay more.

As winter approaches and many fixed energy plans come to an end, it is up to consumers to work out what tariffs are best suited to their needs.

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  • Lovelylady0028

    it appears from your comment that you don’t sit behind the steering wheel much.
    Most cyclists ride through red lights. Sway right in front of other cyclists and cars squeeze next to busses and trucks then think they have some major rite of the road.
    Lool get the bus if it’s an issue coz they don’t pay anything towards maintaining the roads but bump n scrap past cars and pay nothing. Most cyclists don’t signal they just stop and expect everyone else to be flipping mind readers. They don’t wear appropriate cycling gear and the send text messages while in people’s way.
    Not all of them stop at zebra crossing either or they struggle to drag themselves up a hill and expect you to do 5mph following some mank builders bum.
    They don’t use the lanes provided for them yet everyone complains when one gets knocked over.
    I think people who want to ride bikes should pay to use the road like everyone else and they should have to take tests and have a licence to use a bicycle on the road and have to take out insurance to cover the cost of the crap they do on the roads.

    • congokid

      So many misapprehensions in a single, barely coherent post.
      For a start you might wish to learn how roads are funded. Here’s a good place to start:

  • David McDonald

    A test does not change people into drivers who are considerate and forward thinking. Therefore, the test changes will achieve very little. Only laws and enforcement will do that.

  • robert andrews

    the two biggest areas of improvement for driving standards are 1) LANE Discipline and 2) courtesy to other users (ALL users) the two alone WILL save lives……….period!

    • congokid

      The word ‘courtesy’ appears in the Highway Code exactly…zero times. You might think that somehow, during the lessons they give to their students, driving instructors could find the time to pass that on, along with lane discipline. Unfortunately, like the myths Lovelylady0028 below obviously espouses, they are pretty much irrelevant and unteachable. Perhaps those instructors would be better to teach their students that ‘there is no such thing as road tax’, and avoid all this unnecessary and dangerous over-entitlement many drivers exhibit when it comes to who has the right to use public roads.

  • David Ferguson

    Obviously better all round awareness from all who use the road can only be a good thing. It would be good to see ALL cyclists respecting and observing the Highway Code. i.e. By stopping at red lights, only cycling in the correct direction on one way streets, being visible in inclement or dark conditions i.e. by use of proper lighting back AND front, refraining from cycling on the pavement and by the use of CORRECT hand signals.
    Not only does the safe use of the highway need everyone to respect the fact that we all have to understand the fact that we have to co-exist in a situation that is constantly fluid and continually changing. Because driving any vehicle demands such a variety of skills it is imperative that any signs and signals from other users be correct. Whist driving any vehicle the person in charge of the vehicle must use a certain amount anticipation. This means that if someone does something in an erratic manner it could have catastrophic and long lasting consequences for all. Not to mention a lifetime of pain and r grief for all concerned.
    My 3-Star proficiency badge, long since condemned to the dustbin, which I obtained circa 1958 at Glasgow’s Kelvin Hall did lay down a solid base from which to launch my driving career which includes a variety of machines.This includes:- Lambretta scooter, motorbike, motor car, forklift truck, telescopic handler, MEWP etc., etc.

  • Chris Kent

    I honestly believe that everyone who learns to drive should be made to first complete a CBT on a motorbike or a scooter (providing they are physically capable of mounting one). Spend one hour riding a motorbike and you’ll learn more about road safety than you would in a year in a car.

    • congokid

      Sounds good, until you see the KSI data for motorbike riders…

      • Chris Kent

        I don’t get the point you’re trying to make. On the positive side motorcycle deaths have seen a massive decline since the 1970’s. On the negative side, nearly half of all motorcycle accidents involving a car or an LGV were caused because the driver failed to look properly.

        The point I was making is that car drivers have a lot of protection around them so it’s pretty rare for a crash to result in serious injuries these days; however, for a biker a serious injury can come from anywhere, so their hazard perception becomes more tuned because their life depends on it.

        • congokid

          My point is that motorcyclists are just 1% of total road traffic, but account for 19% of all road user deaths.

          “pretty rare for a crash to result in serious injuries these days”

          For those inside the vehicle perhaps. Not necessarily the case for anyone outside it…

          • Chris Kent

            “For those inside the vehicle perhaps. Not necessarily the case for anyone outside it…” That’s what I’m getting at. Because those inside the car aren’t likely to suffer they maybe a bit complacent and take risks (such as using a mobile while they’re driving, for instance). If they’ve never ridden a motorbike then they won’t likely have an appreciation of the risks they pose to bikers if they’re not fully focused.

        • Kathryn

          How can you look out for someone doing 100+ mph or undertaking or o retaking on a bend or blind hill

      • David Lund

        Hear hear

    • David Lund

      Thats just silly talk … Think more about what you utter.

      • Chris Kent

        Which bit is silly talk?

    • Paul

      Sorry but in my experience motorcycles cause the majority of the accidents their involved in but it seems to be the car driver who gets the blame or feels responsible even tho the motorbike carried out the wrong or unsafe manoeuvre

      • Chris Kent

        In your experience? Are you involved in a lot of accidents with bikers then Paul? Many might see that as you being a common denominator… 😉

    • Kathryn

      I was a motorcycle rider but I’m sorry more motorcycle riders than not take stupid risks speed like hell how are you meant to look out for someone doing 100 mile an hour you can’t they under take over take on bends tail gate motorcycle riders need to take lessons and take care road rules apply to them as well as cars

    • Ernest

      This is correct. The older generation went from a cycle to a motorbike or scooter, then a car thats where you learn. many of todays young have never had the former. I am of the view that many cyclists today are totally unaware that they need brakes that work, a bell and above all lights. The police have ignored all this for 40 years, When was the last cyclist in court? all of us need to stop talking about rights and take responsibility. A tougher test will not stop the impatient, the undertakers, the tale gaters, and those who think the road is theirs. all this has a lot to do with the teaching of manners and consideration of others which seems to be lacking.

  • cwilde101

    It’s not testing before they go out that will make people drive safer, its enforcing the laws of the road once they’re out there! A fine and a few points for jumping red lights will more likely stop that than ‘passing’ a different test.

  • GFM

    Need some questions on common sense…..
    So many drivers nowadays lack basic common sense, manners and etiquettes of the public road.

  • sgkent

    Mirror, Signal then Manoeuvre, -NOT Manoeuvre (and then signal if you remember or care!!) I don’t know if they still teach this, if they do there is not enough emphasis on it!! It is one of the most dangerous and irritating poor driving traits of our time!

    • Paul

      Well said I agree 100% the standard of driving a motor vehicle is diabolical the indicators are there for a reason but so many driver think their exempt from using them, charge with dangerous driving and points and a fine for 1st offence if there’s a 2nd offence within 12 months instant ban plus points and a bigger fine

    • Angharadz

      Agree, but I also deplore the current trend for manufacturers “hiding” indicator lights in a nest of overly bright braking lights – is there no legal requirement for the size of indicators? If not there should be

  • Doug.

    Why so much talk that is not about the refreshed driving test ? Anyway: lot’s of drivers don’t seem to understand about right-of-way with oncoming traffic and/or narrow roads. Mirror, signal, manoeuvre when changing lane as well as moving off. Cutting corners and on roundabouts. Don’t rely on mirrors, check blind spots. A mate of mine is currently learning and to take test, but seems weak on these ?

    • Ronald Ellams

      Also overtaking at junctions

      • Doug.

        Interesting one….seems that the person indicating and turning right, (across the oncoming other carriageway) is at fault if another is overtaking because they have not checked their mirrors and blind spot thoroughly. Not sure what offence the over-taker would be committing.

  • Barry Gardiner

    i also think there should be some sort of test for cyclists, they seem to think they have priority on the roads . the times i have seen them jumping traffic lights ,cycle on the wrong side of the road, cycle with no lights. the list goes on and on, and nothing is ever done about it. I also think it should be compulsory for them to have cyclist insurance for when they course a accident.

    • OXxo

      Lots of cyclists are teenagers who are too young to drive. They are too young to take out insurance in their own names plus unfortunately in my area these are the most dangerous ones on the roads.

      The builders, MAMILs and even ladies who lunch who cycle are safer though the MAMILs ignore red lights and don’t believe in signalling.

      BTW any one who regularly takes part in cycling events and has a £1K+ bike will have 3rd party insurance.

  • Kathryn

    I think crash simulation should be part of it do not replace the turn in the road or reversing round corners this needs to be part of the test still as this is an important part of driving also they need to learn conseption of size of there vhiecle

  • Alexander Mckenzie

    Bikes should not be on roads

    • OXxo

      Bikes, horses and people on foot where there on roads long before the motor vehicle. If there is an argument to remove anything it’s motor vehicles.

  • Alexander Mckenzie

    You are a lefty pal use your brain idoit

    • Martin Bayes

      I happen been fortunate enough to have driven for 37 years averaging 10,000 miles a year in and around the South East without ever having an accident. I think tailgating is dangerous. I know cars have better brakes and I accept the standard of driving in terms of cars hitting other 4+whellers in the uk is amazingly good, but tailgating has the effect of frightening many into speeding up to placate the driver behind. Also somehow people manage to drive at over 50mph down narrow country roads every day and have no marks on their cars which is incredible (unless they are constantly getting scrapes fixed) For myself I sometimes let tailgaters pass me by pretending to indicate off the road) (they usually slow down after that, especially at night where they have been relying on you more than intimidating you) and I drive slowly on single carriageway roads where I cannot see far ahead. One thing that has me head scratching is in Cambridge. There if you have a Range Rover you need the latest car seat to carry a large child at under 30mph while cyclists pull tiny children in home made boxes strung to the back of push bikes (which is illegal in rural India). Ambulences rush to the scene when the child falls but so far I have heard of no tragedies?

  • Pipmeldrew

    Interesting comments in the main, however, I fear that any changes to the test will have absolutely zero impact on road safety. As happens now and not just on the roads, those with the correct attitude and mind set will take on board the lessons learned and put them into practise. The poor drivers will still pass the test on the day but, as happens now, will continue to drive as they see fit regardless. This trait is visible every minute of every day across all age and gender groups. Their behaviour is not restricted to driving, they live their lives without considering the impact their actions have on others. These are the same people who have parties raging on through the early hours, jaywalk, use their mobiles in mobile free train carriages etc. etc. etc. They will not change or learn because they feel they know it all and couldn’t give a stuff anyway.

    • Victoria Spira

      That is so true. It is always the ones that do it all wrong that ruin it for others. 🙂

  • Emily

    It seems that new cars are no longer fitted with working indicators. Is this to check other drivers abilities in mind reading?
    Is there something in the Highway code that states one must always drive down the middle of the road? This is not something i was taught, but now, even learner drivers, accompanied by driving instructors, seem to practice this. Is it a national change in the code or peculiar to Leeds?

  • Davidje23

    People need to slow down.People seem stressed and drive with their peddle to the metal. Drivers need to give themselves extra time to have a more relaxed drive.
    It’s no good rolling out of bed eating breakfast in the car because your late.A stressed world just Relax!

  • Neil

    I work for the Fire and rescue service, as a driver I have to take the theory test, driver competency and blue light driving every 3 years.
    Yes i agree driving tests should be retaken every 5 – 10 years.
    The most frightening thing is the amount of drivers that use their phones while driving, to me they should be banned same as drink drivers.

    • ChrisD324

      Driving is a practical skill.
      The “theory” test is irrelevant and a waste of rime and money.

  • Kai Takeshi

    simple way to make all drivers slow down and operate their vehicle correctly on the roads….. telematics box in all cars/bikes as mandatory for insurance. i have one in my cooper, daughter has one in her vauxhall…..i used to drive with no regard to other users, had a serious accident and since the box, stay within speed limits, watch my braking, acceleration. results in lower premiums and increase if you abuse any of the stipulations in the insurance regarding speed etc, 2 occurences where they have to warn you and insurance cancelled.

    • Tony

      Slowing down a dangerous driver doesn’t make him safe, he still a dangerous driver. Would you rather be hit at 20mph or 40mph,
      because I’d rather not be hit at all. I’m not condoning speeding but speed kills is the wrong messaged. If I went thought 4 30mph speed cameras at 34mph I could lose my lience, but if I was a bad driver who tailgated cars cut people up, took a few wing mirrors off parked cars etc I could keep on driving. Who should really get a ban?

  • les

    To all those who say a re-test from age 50 would be good. What is stopping you going online to try and pass the theory test??? Try sitting the practice ones online and see if you would pass and if you did not pass would you stop driving until you did ????? No didnt think you would !! Then take it a step further and have a few refresher driving lessons with an instructor and get them to put you thro a mock test and see if you could pass today’s test and if you failed that would you stop driving, take further lessons and re-sit your test again???? I bet you wouldnt. Its so easy to say this should happen to over 50’s + but in reality no one would want to do it just in case the had to give the car up

    • nrf538

      that’s the whole point, if you are not capable of passing a test, either a year after getting a license or 30 years. you shouldn’t be on the road. would you be so complacent if airline pilots were only required to take one test that lasts for 40 + years for all different aircraft??? aircraft have changed dramatically over 40 years as have cars.

  • Kai Takeshi

    as for having learner drivers use a satnav? what are they thinking? not everyone passing the test will use a satnav, plus, its a distraction especially for new drivers who are learning how to control the vehicle.

  • Murray Snudge

    Many of you guys are talking nonsense – why not think before you post?

  • mrs susan cook

    Perhaps every person that goes the road should first ride a push bike and take a test for that then they can ride a motorcycle and take several tests for that!! Then take a car test then a hgv test and so on and so on and still people would not be happy with the quality of some one else’s driving . And insurance company’s will still keep hiking up their prices.

  • Susan.

    I am an elderly driver and would welcome a compulsory safety road test from 75 years of age onwards, say every 3/5years. I have been on one that was through ROSPA and found it reassuring of my ability to still be driving safely.

  • Isobel

    I am an “older” driver. I worked as a driver of a Hackney Carriage Taxi for over 40 years. One of my concerns is that a driver can pass their test which is usually conducted on urban road at the normal 30 or 40 mph BUT can then go on to a motorway with speeds of up to 70 mph with no previous experience of motorway driving which is a totally different type of driving and requires different skills. Some drivers seem to have no conception of the speeds which another vehicle can reach and pass them. Nor the idea that the inside lane is the fastest lane on the motorway and that you should be driving in it unless overtaking another vehicle. I have watched in amazement at vehicles driving their whole journey in the outside lane when other lanes are completely empty. I am not blaming just “young” or new drivers totally but some think that they are protected from injury because they are in a vehicle which is far from the truth. Perhaps the system adopted in some countries of restricting the power of the vehicle, the number of passengers allowed to be carried, or not being allowed on the roads after a certain time at night until their licence has been held for a certain amount of time might help curb injuries in newly qualified drivers of all ages

  • Mark Bingham

    I think all new drivers should have to ride a motorbike for 1year before getting behind wheel of a car that way when they are driving they might have more respect for motor bike riders

  • Mark Phillips

    Sorry folks, blanket retests are a nonsense and waste of money. As it is, too many poor drivers manage to scrape through their tests and are a menace on the road. Retest those who use their phones, commit serious road offences and/or amass more than six points in any twelve month period. GPs should inform DVLA of elderly people who they think are impaired by age related conditions. Recently, on a TV programme, one driver over 100 years was virtually deaf, another kept driving over kerbs, etc – these are the ‘drivers’ who need to be kept off the road. Do not issue driving licences to people who have not managed to pass their test after five attempts!!

  • Barrie Wright

    Having been driving over 60years i still drive the way i was tought by x police driving instructor..
    Young drivers learn in a small car.The laws need to be changed so once passed the test.there should be a limit to engine HP. For 3 years. Say 1.1_ 1.2. Then thay should have Motorway driving lessons.

  • Mark Phillips

    A good comment Barrie. It would bring young car driver laws in line with young/new motorcyclists who have been restricted to riding lower powered bikes for years. As an (older) biker/driver myself, young riders/drivers should be presented with incentives for safe driving as was not the case when I took to the road.

  • Brian P

    The driving test should also include driving on MOTOR WAYS as a final assessment

  • Payl

    One thing being able to pass any form of test, it’s how we continue to drive afterwards.

  • malcolm

    cyclists are the most inconsiderate users of the roads riding two abreast on narrow country lanes not dropping into single file when necessary. . holding onto cars at lights. going through red lights .they are the ones who need to take a test and should also have compulsory insurance

    • OXxo

      They are allowed to. While it is bad road manners it’s allowed.

      Oh and the majority in lycra have a car which they travel to to go out on their bike in the first place.

  • Angharadz

    extending the on-road testing seems a sensible notion -though it will cost more, of course. Checking sat-nav skills might mean fewer people driving into farm gateways, or watercourses, and help the examiner test the ability to avoid hazards whilst distracted. Living on a narrow, “residents parking” street, anything that enables drivers to park neatly without taking up 3 spaces would also be much appreciated
    I also like the notion of a two-tier test (no matter the age of the learner) Part 1 licences for limited engine size, overall vehicle size and a maximum of 3 passengers (Mandatory P plate). Part 2, a minimum of 6 months later, gives the full range on a car licence, and would include competence in towing a trailer/ caravan and driving a white van, (side mirrors only) such as many hire, from time to time, to move their belongings without any forewarning on the different skills required.

  • Freda

    We can’t all ride bikes,due to afflictions. So what then. Better to have insurance for cycling. That would protect the riders.

  • Chris Whitelaw

    And then the newly qualified learner drives from the exam centre onto a motorway where they have had neither instruction nor experience.

  • Matt Clarke

    Quite a few comments about retests every 10 years. Whilst I agree with the idea in principle, I don’t think it would solve the problem. I have to retake a forklift test every 3 years. I have bad habits in both the car and the forklift, but when it comes to forklift test time I do everything by the book. Handbrake for every lift etc. My last forklift assessment I had barely any points marked down. I then went back to my job and continued the way I usually operate the machine. None of the bad habits were eradicated. I think for quite a lot of people this would be the same for a car test. I think I could easily go out and pass a car test if I know I’m being tested and my licence depends on it. But it probably wouldn’t change my bad habits in the long run.
    I consider myself a safe driver. Do I do everything by the book? No. But I do make sure all my concentration is on driving my car and paying attention to what’s going on around me. Do I make mistakes? Of course, anyone who claims they don’t is a liar. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is people that have no actual interest in driving and do it because they think they need to.

  • Michael Garden

    cycling should not be allowed on the road untill you pay road tax and are insured why should thay use the road for free

  • Pete Smith

    They need to introduce retesting for the elderly. There comes a point where you are not fit to drive be it loss of sight, movement, reaction times. Its not prejudice, it’s fact, be it at 80, or 108, everyone is different so clear lines need to be drawn. The current system is not fair on family or GPs.

  • toplondonboi

    Every day I travel I see people on there phones while driving total disregard to the law and other road users using the roads safety and predestrians crossing the road!
    The should make you able to take photographs or video footage and send it in and report the driver for the relevant offences comment
    They know they shouldn’t be doing it !
    Tougher punishment needs to be handed out these people are marking it harder for the genuine safe drivers to get there licences!

  • g donald

    Motorway driving and compulsory night driving should be part of the test

  • Yeoey 60

    I could show you film of lots of different cyclists going through red traffic lights . Also riding from road to pavement across a pedestrian crossing on to pavement back on to road. This is not what cycling proficiency is about

  • Kumara

    Driving on the road should be safe as possible to other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.Instead of reheating drivers, unsafe drivers, drivers on mobiles should be be reported to DVLA with details of registration plates, time of incident and place.This will eradicate bad drivers and make roads a safe place.

  • Jay Tee

    Cyclists present the most hazards, i.e riding through red lights and two abreast. I see this daily when I drive my coach into London, they have a sense of entitlement, as if they own the road, which seems to mean they can ride how they like without any thought for any one. I have seen, on a few occasions, cyclists riding through red lights at pedestrian crossings forcing pedestrians to give way.
    To my mind they should pay road tax and insurance.

  • Glasgow City Driving School

    I’ve been teaching people to drive for over 10 years. These proposed changes wont make any difference whatsoever. This is ‘making changes to be seen doing something’. Attitude is the primary problem.

    I think all learner drivers should have to attend a classroom based course with the aim of influencing driving attitudes before they can book a driving test. An interactive discussion of driver behaviour and reasons for poor attitudes behind the wheel, coupled with video footage of examples of poor and dangerous driving would be better. Hard hitting, no holds barred, footage of the outcome of accidents would also help.

    I don’t agree with a second driving test at a certain age as drivers get older, however, a driving assessment every five years is a much better idea. Based on this assessment the driver would be graded for insurance purposes, and further training prescribed and mandatory if necessary. This would ensure that all drivers, not just newly qualified drivers, maintained the standard of their driving, post-test.

    Lastly, I believe that tougher punishments for driving offences would help significantly. Most drivers would try much harder to maintain safe driving practices if they faced steep fines for minor offences and tougher sentencing for serious offences.

    Glasgow City Driving School

  • Chris S

    Cycling proficiency test to be voluntary ,Car drivers also should ride a cycle to experience the dangers of car drivers overtaking and cutting them up. and using mobile phones to txt should be banned.

  • PeterB

    Oh dear, so much vitriol, and mostly off-topic as seems to be the way with these forums. This is supposed to relate to the proposed changes in the driving test, not cyclists, woman drivers, older drivers etc. I have my opinion on all of these but I’ll stick to the subject.

    I agree that testing the ability to get into a parking space is a lot more useful than reversing around a corner (hands up anyone who has done that recently – no thought not). Turning around in the road – maybe. Not at all sure about Sat Navs. Both my car and my wifes have OEM Sat Navs and the routes and the directions given can be obscure or even downright misleading. particualrly on things like roundabouts (My wife’s Nissan Note is especially bad on this). Also, each and every Sat Nav and Phone App is different and if you get used to one type of instruction you could be thrown by something different. Sat Navs are not ubiquitous but street signs are, so I think that element of the test should stay the same.

    Now, the important stuff: Cyclists are all Psychopaths, Women should not have been allowed Driving Licences (or the vote) and anyone over the age of 40 should be taken out and shot to make way for all those ‘bright young things’. I mean look what happened when older people were allowed to vote recently…………………….

  • The Shed

    Why follow satnav as part of test ?
    It would be more use to show how you can use a map.
    Satnav’s can cause accidents.

  • Andrew0211

    Everyone should be made to replace old paper licences with photo card licences that have to be renewed every ten years. Rather than auto renew a basic mini test of competence should be carried out and only if a driver passes is their licence renewed. Too many can’t drivers on the road as things are. Even just a basic mini test would get can’t drivers off the road.

  • courier man

    I believe motorway driving should form part of a learner drivers experience before they are entitled to a full licence, as I drive over 2000 miles a week, and everyday I see “P” plate drivers hogging the right hand lane at 60mph, they need proper advise and experience before being thrust into such a fast moving environment on their own.

  • shrek

    How about checking statistics on accidents caused by different age groups, I.E. 17 to 30 31 to 50 51 to 70 and 70 + lets see where the accidents are and make them sit another test, every time an issue is raised its always blame the elderly and make them take a retest, how many of the perfect drivers would pass another test? and how ban the use of cyclists wearing ear phones and cans on their head while rideing without lights and blending in with the dark road surface,

  • Jason

    Okay so… I only passed my driving test over 2 years ago now as a reasonably new driver I think this is rediculas as how many people always reverse into a parking space I find half the time driving into a parking takes more skill especially in a busy shopping centre also driving with a sat nav wow if you can follow the road signs and follow direction the examiner tells you then you can follow a sat nav

  • Slog

    Re-tests following any driving conviction would focus the minds of many Z,

  • Neil Richmond

    I have been driving 33 years and cyclists only look out for themselves.
    Lights go red, and up on the pavement they go or just try and trickle through the traffic which is in the opposite direction, no patience.

    Next weaving in and out of the traffic in a q. then a car driver opens their door and it is their fault.
    If a cyclist holds a car licence, and they are in an accident, then give them points on their car licence.
    No cyclist should be on a road without some sort of insurance, they scratch your car, you have to pay, don;t think so.

    Make them more responsible for their actions. You do get the odd cyclist who is law abiding, but 90% don;t care less, then blame the car driver.

  • Barry

    If everone had to pass a motorcycle test first that would make the roads safer it would make people read the road as we did.

  • amos

    Cyclist awareness driving at night motorway driving in may be a 3 part test, people must be able to drive at night after their tests due to night shifts and working odd hours.

  • Hugh Prewett

    Learning how to drive a car is the main part of the being able to drive one safely without causing other people damage or injury. First of all a person needs to have common sense and this has to be the main ingredients of becoming a competent driver in the first place. We have all had to learn the basics in order to succeed in passing the driving test……..after that hurdle has been achieved then the successful driver will form his/her own style of driving. I am not the worlds best driver and am the first to admit it but after being an ex-driving instructor I cringe when I see the difference in driving standards today with the ones in the early to mid 60’s.
    I see some drivers and wonder how the hell they passed their tests in the first place, was some brown envelopes passed around? I wonder!! Some people who say when a person reaches the age of 70 they should take another test, in some cases yes but in most cases a definite NO!! If a person has sight problems or some sort of health problem then they should be assessed but as far as driving ability is concerned leave well alone. All this rubbish about sat navs is a load of cobblers how does this make a competent driver of a lethal machine? Sat navs can put you over cliffs ………..dead end roads………….into streams and rivers…that is safe driving I must say. It is said and I quote that around 61per cent of drivers on our roads are using substances and booze……..this is where road rage can kick in, if these drivers are caught and prosecuted and banned they just get back in their cars………2 fingers to the law and off they go again. As for cyclists there are some very very good cyclists who use the roads sensibly. On the other hand there are many who would rather ride on pavements……….ride without lights at night and so it goes on. Yes they should be licensed and insured too because they just think they own the roads at times but ALL cyclists aren’t the same. EXAMPLE…a guy only the other day is on the road riding in the gutter alongside slow moving traffic he then jumps the bike up onto the pavement to keep up with what is happening traffic wise. Suddenly there is a pelican crossing post and instead of him going round the post on the pavement side which is illegal he dropped the bike off nearly under my nearside front wheel………who would be to blame? I rest my case.

  • Ron Were

    When All cyclists are forced to wear reflective clothing whenever they ride and also wear helmets by law they will then be safer. Have you seen riders in winter in black clothing with No lights. They can see us drivers with our lights on we Cannot see them quickly enough. Cyclists and Government get your act together.

  • Dave Porter

    More should be done about driving on motorways and allowance for other road users. Without knowing all the elements of driver instruction and testing, I feel all learners should have some experience of how other users see them. What I mean by this is time in a lorry or on a motorcycle and even on a bicycle. A lot could be done with computer displays.

  • David

    There are so many useless instructors now, I have been an instructor for 30 years and most of them are a complete waste of time…..

  • Blinks Mane

    Currently passing the driving test guarantee the learner full license which is not proper, what is important is how satisfied the Tutur about the learner ability to drive this is the correct judgement and should be introduce to guarantee road safety 100%

    Driving test should be supervised and conducted by the learners tutor , it will help the tutor to determine if the learner should be issued the full license

  • Ray

    Driving into a parking bay and reversing out, and parking on the right hand side of the road are both listed in the Highway Code as things a driver should NOT do. I am a Grade A driving Instructor and like the majority of my colleagues I have voiced opposition to this move from day one. The DVSA, however, will push this through like many other harebrained ideas that have not contributed to road safety. They will then continue to say it is the Driving Instructors fault that new drivers have accidents.

  • Mary

    I think that cyclists should also have their bikes road tested and pay tax and insurance why should just us drivers pay they have cycle lanes and paths but they don’t have to pay out anything it’s wrong as they don’t abide by the rules of the road

  • Susan Hayes

    Still doesn’t include motorway driving then? Ridiculous how many drivers on the motorway have no clue (or choose to ignore) the lane system and general rules. The middle lane hoggers , the inside lane hoggers driving at 40/50 mph who flatly refuse to move over to let you on the motorway, to name a few. They make motorway driving so uneccesarily dangerous and stressful But it’s no wonder when any driver who has passed their test on the general roads can join in sometimes without any training or experience. My driving instructor back in the day insisted l had an hour motorway lesson after my test and had to pay and book it beforehand (had l failed would ve been refunded obv ).

  • Lozzy

    They should be made to sit in the cab of a fully loaded HGV for a journey too!!!!!