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MPs criticise energy companies over fuel poverty concerns

Recent reports highlight fuel poverty in certain areas of the country as key issues to address, particularly in light of energy suppliers’ rising profits

MPs are calling for more to be done to protect fuel poor consumers

Reports released by energy regulator Ofgem have stated that the big six energy providers have doubled the profit margin they make from each UK household in the past year.

Despite this, experts believe price increases of up to £140 per year will be revealed in the next few weeks.

Price rises ahead of winter are not uncommon, but MPs in certain parts of the country are now calling for the government and utility companies to do something about prices after continuously hearing from constituents who are increasingly struggling.

David Cameron is ‘out of touch’

Residents in Hyndburn in Lancashire are just some of those who have become disillusioned with the prices they have to pay for their gas and electricity. Many have been writing to their local MP in a desperate attempt to see prices curbed.

Local MP Graham Jones said he has been receiving an increasing number of letters from those in his constituency who are worried about the cost of their bills going up again, after warnings of further increases this winter.

Jones accused the prime minister of not being aware of the issues that affect the general public, and called for him to do something about the constantly rising prices.

“David Cameron is out of touch on this and needs to act now to help struggling families. His failure to reform Britain’s broken energy market is leaving hard-press bill payers massively out of pocket.

“Since 2010, the average household’s energy bill has increased by over £300 a year,” he said.

Energy market ‘needs a complete overhaul’

Barnsley East MP Michael Dugher has also urged the government to put stricter regulations on the energy market in order to protect customers.

He added that the energy sector needs a complete overhaul, saying it is not fair for companies in this market to be bringing in an annual profit of £330 billion when customers in the UK are struggling to meet their payments.

In Barnsley alone, the MP said, there are some 4,000 residents living in fuel poverty thanks to the government’s failure to act against the rising energy bills.

“It’s time the Government stood up to the big energy companies, stopped them ripping off thousands of families and pensioners whose living standards are already being squeezed and started implementing policies that would help hard-working people struggling to pay their bills. More needs to be done,” Dugher added.

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  • Iain Barrington-Wright

    Cameron has been voted THE WORST P.M. EVER, so there is no chance of him ever finding the guts to make the energy companies lower their charges. Out of Touch = He should be Kicked out of Office! All he is interested in is Lining his Own pockets = GREED

  • Steve Bateman

    This makes me laugh. MP’s making this statement. Aren’t they the one’s putting in a claim to heat their SECOND homes while the rest of us freeze??