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Voters want energy bills frozen now

The majority of Brits want to see energy bills frozen immediately by the prime minister

58% of Brits want to see energy prices fixed now

A new survey commissioned by the Labour party and carried out by YouGov, has found that the majority of people in the UK want to see their energy prices fixed immediately.

The news comes as pressure builds on the government to respond to Labour leader Ed Miliband’s announcement that he would be looking to freeze energy prices if his party were to be elected in the 2015 general election.

More than half want freezes

With winter on the horizon and the big six energy firms expected to announce price increases in the near future, 58% of the respondents to the YouGov survey said they wanted to see the government fix energy prices now.

However, the majority said they had little faith in either the government or energy providers to actually deliver a price freeze.

Some 84% of respondents said they had no trust in energy firms, which means they are currently held in worse esteem than the banking sector.

In addition, only 20% said they believed Prime Minister David Cameron would side with consumers over energy firms, with 47% of the opinion he would instead look after the interests of providers.

Energy firms promises falling flat

Following the Labour party conference, a number of energy suppliers highlighted their long term fixed price plans. The longest of these, npower’s Price Protector March 2017, is priced at £1,341 a year for the average consumer and locks in prices for three and a half years. The duration of the plan not only surpasses the 20 month period Miliband pledged to freeze prices for but is available now.

Supporters of a price freeze promptly reported that the existence of these plans was evidence that energy firms would not suffer should prices be fixed for 20 months following the 2015 general election.

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