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E.ON customers to compare energy bills with neighbours

To date only 12 homes have signed up for the Green Deal

The energy supplier has teamed up with Opower, a provider of customer engagement solutions for the utility industry, to help Brits understand and reduce their energy costs.

The toolkit compares a household’s consumption with that of 100 anonymous E.ON customers living in a similar building and against the most energy efficient of their neighbours.

Customers are also given information relating to what currently uses up the most energy in their household and how this changes on a monthly basis.

The Saving Energy Toolkit is available as of today.

Scheme aims to increase energy efficiency

Managing Director for Opower in EMEA Nandini Basuthakur, says the company hopes that by showing consumers how their neighbours are saving energy, they will be tempted to do the same.

“Our expertise in behavioural science, data analytics and consumer marketing, combined with our successful utility deployments worldwide have shown that customers are motivated to behave more like their peers – in this case efficient similar homes,” he said.

The online service will also provide a series of tips and recommended energy consumption goals, tailored to each household’s usage.

Customers want better ‘insight and understanding’ around energy use

Speaking on the initiative, E.ON’s Sales and Marketing Director Anthony Ainsworth said: “We’ve been speaking to our customers and it’s clear from these conversations that there is wide-scale enthusiasm to have more insight and understanding about their household’s energy usage.

“We’re committed to helping our customers use no more energy than they need and our online Saving Energy Toolkit will help people achieve this.”

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