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E.ON removes energy plan aimed at protecting pensioners

The energy supplier has announced that its StayWarm tariff will not be continued, exposing customers to increases of up to £180 per year

Those on the StayWarm initiative could see their bills rise by £180

The StayWarm initiative, which has kept thousands of pensioners warm for the past 12 winters, is to be removed.

Those on the StayWarm plan will be rolled over to E.ON’s standard energy tariff, which could add an additional £180 per year to their bills.

The service provided fixed price gas and electricity for those aged 60 and over. The main difference between this plan and standard tariffs is that StayWarm bills are based on consumption over the previous 12 months. Bill size is fixed over a year, guaranteeing peace of mind and no unexpected rises.

Tariff axed to comply with Ofgem regulations

A statement on E.ON’s website reads: “We’re closing StayWarm to comply with Ofgem’s proposed new rules. So if your StayWarm plan ends after the 6th of October we’ll renew you onto E.ON EnergyPlan unless you call us.”

Ofgem’s proposals are aimed at simplifying the energy market and require energy suppliers to cut the number of plans on offer to just four per fuel. Although the plan was welcomed by Prime Minister David Cameron, industry analysts warned that it would lead to the removal of a number of niche plans.

Older people may ‘end up paying more unnecessarily’

Charity Director General at Age UK Caroline Abrahams, said: “While reducing the number of energy tariffs available should help simplify the energy market, we are concerned that many older people are unaware of the changes, how this will affect them and what action they need to take.

“If older people do not stay informed about the changes and take action, there is a danger that they will end up paying more unnecessarily.”

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    i have just changed over to eon because it seemed to be the best deal for pensioners this is making me wonder if i have made a mistake

  • Varya

    An element of our heating bills is loaded to provide for Warm Front recipients so they can keep warm while we shiver – wonderful !!

  • barbara tranter

    All Energy providers are the same, there isn’t much to choose between them. They say that they have to put up the price of energy, in order to make investments- absolute Humbug! I wonder how much of that money goes in their own pockets and back handers to the greedy Tory Government.

    • Brian

      The point is, they have not been up till now. EON was the only one operating the Stay Warm Tariff for pensioners, and were the preferred choice company by Age UK !

  • Trev

    Well done Milliband you gave this company the excuse they have been waiting on since they took the contract over from Lloyds. You threatened them with freezing prices which we all know you could never deliver because you are a pathetic politician and spineless. I hope you are proud of your self

    • Alan Stringer

      I think this Tory led Government are mainly to blame,they have forced Companies to cut the number of plans on offer,so they have removed the lowest tariffs.So thank you for nothing Posh Boys,

      • Trev

        it wasnt the tories who threatened the fuel companies was it. It wasnt the tories that put the country in a big black financial hole was it, although people are quick to jump an the fact that they have to make difficult decisions to get us out of it. Not once have the labour party apologised for any of the mistakes they made in 12 years of government

  • jim

    making millions and feeding the tory coffers at the expense of pensioners and people that can ill aford to heat their homes

  • Joyce Hackney

    I am a Staywarm customer and I’ve not been notified of this.

  • Lee Ruddick

    Everytime I’ve carried out a price comparison the StayWarm prices were HIGHER than the standard tariffs both with Powergen & laterly E-On.
    They argued that they gave away free cash it if was freezing for a few days in a row (actually subsidised by the Government) and free light bulbs etc. Big deal! Still a massive rip off and one reason I would never ever use E-On.

  • geronimo

    Must be friends of David Camerons government,Re nationalise the pillocks and get ti over with,are you listening Mr Milliband

  • Bert

    How else can they afford to pay the executives their HUGE BONUS if they insist on helping the aged?
    Profits before lives – The Energy Company Mantra!