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E.ON tops uSwitch Energy Awards

E.ON has narrowly held on to the top spot

The report from uSwitch also revealed that last year’s overall increase of 4% in customer satisfaction has shrunk to just 0.7%.

These figures suggest that the big six energy company’s mission to grow satisfaction levels is stalling.

uSwitch’s Energy Awards are based on a survey  carried out by YouGov, amongst more than 5,000 energy customers.

E.ON remains top, npower stays bottom

E.ON has managed to stay on top of the table and keeps hold of its throne for the second year in a row with an overall score of 71%. The supplier also came first in the largest number of categories.

EDF Energy follows close behind with a score of 70.7%. Snapping at the French supplier’s heels, is SSE with an average score of 69.9%.

npower came last for the sixth year in a row, which prompted the following statement from Chief Executive Paul Massara: “We know we haven’t always got things right this year – we’ve had some challenges with a new computer system and I’d like to apologise to any customers who feel we haven’t given them the service that they deserve.

“I’m glad that we have improved in the majority of category measures, but we still have further to go and I want to reassure our customers that we’re making significant improvements that will ultimately improve customer experience.”

‘I urge hard pressed householders to […] make sure they are on the best energy deal’

Speaking on the awards, Edward Davey, Secretary of State of Energy and Climate Change, said: “I welcome this report, and I urge hard pressed householders to take the opportunity now, through accredited comparison websites like USwitch, to make sure they are on the best energy deal available to them.

“The competition we’ve introduced to the energy market is offering a genuine alternative to the big six.  This means consumers do have a real choice. They can look for the best deal available; including from smaller suppliers, with the confidence that switching will make an immediate difference to their bills and force the big six to compete on price.”

‘No need to put up with bad service, poor value for money or an uncompetitive deal’

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at uSwitch, said: “Last year’s focus on putting customers first seems to have already started running out of steam. Customer satisfaction has moved in the right direction, but a year-on-year improvement of less than 1% is disappointing to say the least. With 67% of customers satisfied with the big six, there is clearly still a long way to go.

“There is a huge amount going on in the industry, but it’s important that suppliers focus on the thing that matters most – customers. High-level pledges are one thing, but consumers want to see real results in key areas, such as better customer service, value for money and greater reassurance that their supplier has them on the best deal for their needs.

“Suppliers should be applauded for the improvements they have made, but cannot afford to let it stop there – consumers deserve more. But, they should also demand more. There is no need to put up with bad service, poor value for money or an uncompetitive deal. If you are unhappy, shop around for something better.

“There is currently just over £250 difference between the cheapest and most expensive tariffs on the market, plus a growing number of new suppliers, such as Co-op Energy, that offer a genuine alternative to the big six. Consumers do not need to worry about the switching process – almost three quarters of customers (74%) are satisfied with their supplier’s transfer service – it’s the one area where suppliers consistently score best.”

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  • moonface72

    very proud to work for E.ON. I’d love to bring a customer to work and show them what we do and how hard we work. no company will ever get their service 100% right but by god we try

  • Carl Beech

    I also work for E.On and am very proud to be part of this achievement; my role centres around efficiency of service and I can testify to the hard work that goes into squeezing out that 0.7%…Going for the hat trick!

  • G Rigby

    I have been with them for many years and always shop around but can’t find a deal low enough to entice me away from their website and customer service. It just works!!

  • Graham

    I would advise people to check the 2013 Which Magazine Energy Companies Customer Service Survey. They don’t take commission from the energy companies unlike Uswitch who do. They also include all the energy suppliers and not just the top 6. There are alternatives out there other than the big boys, check them out. EON come 9th out of 15 energy suppliers and in fact the big 6 are all in the bottom.

  • danielle

    I would of said the same as ann Robinson if I was an outsider but when you work there you know what the main focus is and eons is definitely looking after customer…we work so hard to make sure every customer is happy and eon strive to do better and are constantly bringing in new ideas to make sure we know that great customer service is key…they really do care…. I love working there.