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Did Cameron tell minsters to scrap the green ‘c**p’?

New reports suggest the Prime Minister has demanded green subsidies be removed from energy bills

Sources allege the Prime Minister has called for green subsidies to be cut

Sources allege the Prime Minister has called for green subsidies to be cut

A senior source told the media: “[Cameron’s] telling everyone, ‘we’ve got to get rid of all this green c**p.’ He’s absolutely focused on it.”

If true, the quote is in stark contrast to the Conservative’s pre-election promise of being the ‘greenest government’ Britain has ever seen.

Government denies quote

Asked if the Prime Minister had uttered the words, a spokesperson for Downing Street said: “We do not recognise this at all.”

David Cameron has, however, pledged to cut energy bills by rolling back green levies, which are currently thought to add £112 per year to the average energy bill.

Energy suppliers Co-operative Energy and EDF have already cut their price rises to 2.5% and 3.9% respectively, in anticipation of green levies being partially removed. EDF has warned that it may have to hike prices should green subsides remain in place.

Energy debate scaring investors?

A new report published by Ernst & Young, reported that the current uncertainty over the future of the energy sector in the UK, could lead to lower levels of investment.

Animated parliamentary discussions, fuelled by public pressure to cut energy bills, has seen Labour leader Ed Miliband pledge to freeze energy prices by 20 months should his party win the next election.

However, Ernst & Young said this uncertain climate could potentially cost the UK billions of pounds worth of investment as well as thousands of jobs.

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  • Sarah

    I hope he did say it.
    It needs saying and doing.
    The Green lobby hide how much it is all costing, but shutting down coal fired power stations which produce very cheap electricity and replace it with renewables cost a fortune and we the poor families on low incomes but not getting winter fuel payments etc are the ones who suffer most.