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A quick energy switch could save your friends and family £400

Rising energy prices combined with the lowest switching numbers since 2006 mean many Brits will struggle to pay their bills this winter

#GiftaSwitch this winter

#GiftaSwitch this winter

With more than eight in 10 households expecting to ration their energy use this winter and fewer people switching than at any point in the past seven years, uSwitch has published 10 tips aimed at helping people cut costs this winter.

One of these is aimed at those who have already switched their own energy supplier.

Help someone else save with a switch

The press release states: “Now that you’ve sorted your own bill out, why not give someone you know the gift of cheaper energy this winter? Many people don’t have the confidence or means to switch their energy supplier and so will be stuck paying more than they need to. Why not help them to switch too?”

Those looking to help a friend or family change provider, should ensure the person not only understands what a switch might entail, but most importantly give their full consent to the process and making sure they aren’t currently receiving any plan specific social tariffs and benefits.

Keeping costs low this winter

Other tips include not keeping appliances on standby, asking local authorities and energy suppliers about energy efficiency grants and simply turning the heating down by one degree.

Recent cuts to green levies will reduce the average bill by roughly £50, however, this will not wipe out winter price rises and the average household will still be close to £60 worse off in 2014.

#GiftaSwitch to friends and family this winter.

‘Help them to switch and save up to £400 a year’

Tom Lyon, energy expert at uSwitch, said: “Switching your energy supplier is quick, simple and free. Despite this, almost six in ten households have never made the move so are likely to be paying far more for their energy than they should be. If you have a relative, friend or neighbour who needs extra support, you could give them the gift of cheaper energy by helping them to switch and save up to £400 a year.

“With their consent, all you need is their postcode and a copy of their recent gas and electricity bill. It only takes 10 minutes to switch but your support and guidance could be the extra reassurance needed to help them turn their back on higher energy bills. For further information visit our ‘Help friends and family switch energy supplier’ guide.”

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