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Storms lead to power cuts for 100,000 UK homes

Close to 100,000 households have found themselves cut off from power lines as winter storms hit the country

100,000 households are thought to be without power

100,000 households are thought to be without power

Heavy rain and strong winds have left roughly 100,000 homes without power in the UK, according to the Energy Networks Association (ENA). Kent, Surrey and Sussex were singled out as the worst affected areas.

UK Power Networks has also said the storms have meant it is difficult to hire contractors to fix lines in South East and East of England, as they are currently inundated with work. The company estimates that 70,000 customers are without access to power in this area.

Christmas dinner scheme

UK Power Networks has called for any restaurants or pubs in the areas affected by the storms to get in touch in order to ensure families are able to enjoy a meal on Christmas day.

Any interested establishment can get in touch with UK Power Networks via email on

Any households which have lost power are encouraged to call UK Power Networks on 0800 783 8838.

‘Monitoring the weather closely’

Speaking on the preparations yesterday a UK Power Networks spokesman said: “UK Power Networks which delivers power to 8 million customers across the South East, East of England and London is monitoring the weather closely in contact with the Met Office.

“Today is currently a normal if busy day for the company, but higher winds and rain are forecast across the country for tonight. The electricity network is built to be resilient however extreme weather can affect overhead power lines when tree branches and windborne debris damage them.

“UK Power Networks has robust emergency plans in place to cope with severe weather and has brought in additional staff covering engineer, technical and call centre roles. It is a 24-hour business and staff work shifts 365 days a year including throughout the Christmas period.”

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