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Britain’s richest homes use the most energy

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The richest homes are also the most poorly insulated

A new study carried out by energy supplier npower, has revealed that some of the most exclusive homes in the UK are also those which waste the most energy.

In stark contrast, those living in colder climates in Scotland, including the Outer Hebrides and Aberdeenshire, are much better equipped to keep the heat in.

Heatmap illustrates the issue of poor insulation

The heatmap displayed below, highlights the extent of the issue of poor insulation.

Heatmap by npower

Heatmap by npower

npower estimates that more than 50% of Britain’s 26 million homes are not doing enough to keep heat within their walls.

Uninsulated walls were singled out as the main culprit for heat loss and Kensington and Chelsea, an exclusive London neighbourhood, was pinpointed as the worst of the bunch. In this borough 83% of homes has neither cavity or solid wall installations.

Westminster was next on the list, with 79% of homes not properly insulated.

Big savings available with insulation

npower’s report states that households can not only cut down energy waste by installing better insulation, but could also save significant amounts of money.

The average three bedroom house could save the following each year:

  • Cavity wall insulation – £140
  • External Solid Wall insulation – around £490
  • Loft insulation – up to £180
  • New Boiler – up to £310

Managing Director of Energy Services at RWE npower Simon Stacey said: “This initiative helps us start a conversation with consumers to help them understand how much energy they use and the massive amount still wasted in the UK each day. There is a huge opportunity to keep the UK’s homes warmer by cutting energy waste through the installation of a new boiler or more effective loft, cavity and wall insulation.”

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