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Households being charged for gas they don’t use

Families up and down the UK are being hit with £100 charges for gas meters that are not in use

Gas meters can cost up to £400 to have removed, depending on your supplier

Gas meters can cost up to £400 to have removed, depending on your supplier

According to an article in the Daily Mail, a number of households up and down the country have found themselves faced with a standing charge simply for having a certain type of gas meter.

Some of those who have tried to have the meters taken away to avoid paying for gas they don’t use, have been told they have to pay up to £400 for their removal.

Why are suppliers implementing standing charges?

The standing charges are part of Ofgem’s new reforms aimed at simplifying the energy market for consumers. The hope is that by separating standing charges (which cover the cost of keeping a home connected to the grid) from energy rates, it will be easier for consumers to gain a clearer picture of what they are spending on energy.

Unfortunately even homes which rely solely on electricity for their energy have found themselves being charged close to £100 per year for gas they don’t use.

The big six energy supplies typically charge the below in standing charges per fuel every year: British Gas £95, E.ON, SSE and ScottishPower £100, npower £100 for gas and £40 for electricity, EDF £66 for electricity and £91 for gas.

Switching supplier can reduce cost of removal

Not all suppliers charge for the removal of unused gas meters. British Gas, npower and SSE will remove meters at no cost, however, E.ON charge £82 and ScottishPower an eye watering £400. EDF removes gas meters for free, but will charge for electricity meters.

Speaking on the issue Mervyn Kohler, a spokesperson for charity Age UK, said: “These charges are perverse and the whole procedure is chaotic.

“In some cases it may be cheaper to switch supplier to have the meter you don’t use removed for free.”

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  • armitage

    £400 with sp to remove a gas meter that doesn’t right who said it was that much

  • Ann Rowles

    my daughter has ridiculous bills from npower -£96 for gas she doesn’t use as she has no appliances

  • sandra

    What is the government and our great British press doing to protect customers from such greed for non supply of goods and services

  • johm

    Just happened to me. Disgusting. And now their collection people have come to me and put 47 pound on it. Having tried to ring them for 30 mins and putting me onto answer machine when I tried to sort it before Christmas and no one returned the call.. Day light robbery.

  • PJHenry

    I got no gas supply either but because there is a gas meter I have to pay npower! The meter is not even connected to the grid. There is about a 6 inch gap missing from the pipework coming from outside so the meter is just sitting there. I have nothing in my flat that uses gas. Everything is electric. I ain’t paying for gas and I ain’t paying to have the meter removed.

  • Kds-agile Helicopters-uk

    NPOWER are trying to charge me £386 for 10 months for the meter at our building. I told the landlord we don’t want it. as its not connected to anything, the landlord doesn’t want it removed. so he should be paying the standing charge, but NPOWER keep harassing me about it. even though I have told them the landlord is taking ownership. this is just another way to rip off us little people. think this stupid ruling should be taken to court. and the people responsible for the pathetic rule should foot the bill.