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Energy bosses (anonymously) get candid about ‘poor’, ‘confusing’ service

Senior members of big six admit customers have been treated badly

Big six bosses concede to their role of creating a mistrusted market

Energy bosses admit treated customers poorly

The Times reports that a recent interview carried out by YouGov received frank feedback from executives from SSE, E.ON and npower.

Supplying their responses anonymously, energy bosses from both large and small suppliers were quoted admitting customers were “taken for granted, service was poor, and no one bothered to explain the situation to them.”

It was also conceded that the industry “broadly accepts it helped to create the political opportunity that Miliban seized.”

Anti-competitive probe launched

This comes as energy regulator Ofgem just last week called for an investigation into the energy market by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

Ofgem cited the rocketing profits reported by the big six since 2009, while little proof could be found that the companies were in turn keeping costs low for customers.

Also, the so-called big six (EDF Energy, E.ON, SSE, ScottishPower, British Gas and npower) are the suppliers of nearly the entire market: 95%.

This announcement of the investigation was welcomed by Director of Consumer Policy at uSwitch, Ann Robinson:

“It is clear from the evidence we have seen that competition is not working well enough and it is absolutely essential that, in order for customers to benefit from competition, we obtain a greater level of engagement.”

Robinson went on to applaud Ofgem’s industry changes to create a more accessible place for consumers by enforcing tools for a simpler, clearer and fairer gas and electricity market.

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