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Ovo Energy looks to increase local energy generation

The fast growing independent gas and electricity supplier is encouraging local communities to supply their own energy as an alternative to the big six

Ovo Energy plans to help set-up a number of local energy providers

Ovo Energy plans to help set-up a number of local energy providers

The small energy provider, which recently revealed its customer base had grown to more than 1% of the UK’s households, has offered to co-ordinate and partner with communities looking for more localised sources of energy.

The scheme is very much in line with government plans to expand the number of community-run energy systems, which often utilise renewable sources such as wind turbines, to increase the competitiveness of the energy market.

Empowering local communities

The initiative would see community organisations provide energy to those looking for an alternative to the big six gas and electricity companies, which currently supply about 95% of the market.

Ovo Energy is hoping the project can prove as successful in the UK as it has in Germany, where 65% of renewable energy production is managed by communities and individuals.

According to Ovo Energy, the scheme could help create 500 new energy companies by 2020.

Ovo Energy: ‘Small can be beautiful’

Speaking on the initiative, Stephen Fitzpatrick, head of Ovo, said: “One of the great myths of today’s energy industry is that we need big, centralised energy companies to keep the lights on.

“Ovo launched just five years ago and we have proved that small can be beautiful; we run a more efficient business, with happier customers and lower prices. We now supply just over 1% of the UK market, and are growing quickly. Now we want to share our knowledge and expertise to encourage others to follow our lead.”

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