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Energy suppliers to hand back £153m of unclaimed credit

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The average customer owed money is in credit to the tune of £50

The £153m which energy companies have pledged to return has built up over the past six years. It is made up of the money customers overpaid to a previous supplier before switching to a rival.

So if you were in credit when you switched energy supplier you may be affected. According to the MyEnergyCredit website, the average credit balance for those owed money stands at £50.

The campaign is a response to a call from Ofgem back in February, for energy companies to reunite former customers with their cash.

How can I claim my credit?

If you switched energy supplier and think you were in credit when the change took place, you might be owed some money.

The easiest way to claim your refund is to get in touch with your old supplier. Before you do so make sure you have a means of proving your identity (i.e. a passport or driving licence) as well as your old address (an old bill).

It does not matter how much time has passed since the switch took place, legitimate claims will always be refunded.

To contact your old supplier, use the below links:

Unclaimed credit will go towards helping vulnerable customers

Speaking on the news, Energy UK’s chief executive Angela Knight said: “We are urging former customers to come forward and make a claim.

“Customers who think they haven’t left a forwarding address or a final meter reading when they moved or switched should contact their old supplier.”

Shae added that any credit which goes unclaimed in the next two years would be used to help vulnerable customers.

‘Money belongs to customers and it’s only right that suppliers return it’

Tom Lyon, energy expert at, said: “Today’s announcement is welcome news and evidence that the big six energy companies are at last beginning to put consumers first. This money belongs to customers and it’s only right that suppliers take steps to return it.

“Energy companies have also pledged that unclaimed balances that can’t be returned will be used to benefit vulnerable customers – meaning those who are most in need of help receive it.”

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  • fred

    Why have they been holding onto itm its immoral..!! Ive just had a fight with scottish power for them to return over 700 pounds to me they owed and that dragged on nearly a mth. It seems their system wasnt for refunded my money but putting my direct debit down to 4.00 a mth.. joke!! After several calls serveral emails threatning the onbudsman l got it back and some compensation l did find their staff rude and badly trained and have promptly moved suppliers after being loyal for a number of years over 10 !! Its dreadful they wouldnt refund 350 back and l had over charges on my account.. dreadful customer service. Ive read on bloggs ppl are owed over 1000 pounds and are having problems getting them tp refund this money. Their policy is it takes 10 days for a refund !! Disgusting these companies are riping ppl off.. they have no intension of returning credit balances as ive found to my anger.. dishonest companies.. !

  • Edward Spalton

    Local councils are just as bad with illegally levied parking and traffic violation charges ( “civil penalties”)
    When they were caught out they mostly decided not to give refunds but to wait and see whether victims were sufficiently well informed to claim them .

    Mostly they kept their ill-gotten gains. A private individual operating in this way would be prosecuted

  • Plex

    Left EDF for first utility as recommended by uSwitch. EDF credited me back £40 on their final but on checking my current account I see they are still taking £155 per month as before now I’m paying two companies for the same supply trying to get through to EDF is impossible! two months on and two months out of pocket!!

    • Jill

      Your covered by the Direct Debit guarantee you can tell your bank you want to use your Direct Debit guarantee and they will out all the payments back that day then they claim off the company an indemnity claim ! That’s the advantage off Direct Debit your covered if a company take a DD their not entitled to

    • tm_2407

      Cancel your direct debit and claim the payments that have been taken back under the direct debit guarantee. Whenever I switch I cancel the direct debit immediately after the last payment I’m expect ting to go has gone. No need to watch overpayments rack up.

    • Alistair Mackay

      Cancel your direct debit you muppet 🙂 Then call your bank and ask them to take the money back from EDF which youre entitled to.

  • Elaine

    Scottish power are a joke they take the money quick enough but the refunds are a long time coming. There customer service is also a joke, I’ve been on the phone for approx 45min just waiting to get them to answer the phone, and that was two separate days, then they say there putting you though to the department, then you have to wait for someone else to answer the phone. It’s a complete joke

    • shirley

      I agree with you Elaine, 3 and a half months later and im still waiting for my refund for Gas and Electricity from SP.. I moved to EDF on the 3rd June and my Gas account with SP was closed but my Electricity account is still active. They have taken the credit for my Gas account to pay for the Electricity account as I cancelled my direct debits. Numerous phone calls and an assurance that in a weeks time it would all be sorted… not holding my breath….disgusting service!!

  • Ljshyman

    Unfortunately most comments are of a negative nature, this is human nature. I have been with SP for years with not a problem. Ok I have been in credit for hundreds of pounds at times but without asking they have automatically paid back the money owed without me having to ask.

    • Joe

      You were lucky – it took me 4 months to get money back from SP. They were unable to produce a final electric bill and it took a threat to refer them to Offer before they eventually came up with a bona fide payment plus a compensatory payment for poor service. I certainly won’t ever use them again. Top tip for everyone is hang on in there and make yourself a real thorn in the side – stick out for your cash no matter what.

  • kes

    First Utility are just as bad, 2 months after moving house they still haven’t finalised my bill on my old property, took waiting on the phone for 50 mins to get through. Eventually got refund of £200 but reckon they still owe me, don’t know when that money will be refunded.

    • RJ

      I switched from First Utility in February this year. Took 6 months to get my money back and that was only after going through the Ombudsman!

  • foxhamite

    Scottish Power refunded me after switching without prompting.

  • Scarlet

    I changed from British Gas to Scotish Power on the understanding I would save about £100.00. a year. The amount I saved was approx £9.They used the wrong tariff when given me the advice to change.I informed Scotish Power that I would not have moved for that amount. After many phone calls complaining to Scotish Power about miss selling and promised return phone calls , I am still waiting for a satisfactory outcome.

  • Jferris0

    All energy companies should return outstanding credit automatically, not just hoping some old pensioners will forget and just let it go without claiming, my opinion is this is theft on a grand scale.

  • geoff westby

    When I change suppliers I leave my direct debits open until any final payments or refunds are made.But you do have to be sure and cancel them.

  • daveharper

    iwas with eon for two years and switched to first utilty and caried on paying at slight redused level first utilty contacted me stated i was paying to much so contacted eon to sort it out that was in july to date ive heard nothing so ive written again how much more was ipaying well it amounted to£380 over 6mouths so where did eon grt these figures?

  • Plex

    I managed to make contact and give top marks to the EDF customer services representative who listened patiently, understood and politely explained all to my entire satisfaction. Thanks to all for the advice received.

  • Neil C

    When will companies start being fined for withholding moneys that are not theirs. Can we charge them interest for having our money?

  • Ripped off by Namks

    Am I the only one who likes to build up a surplus in the Summer so have something in hand for the Winter. NPower returned it and the money now sits in my bank account earning 0.1%

  • L to tha U to tha K to tha E

    How can I claim credit back from OVO? they owed me roughly around £900 after many emails , calls and me cancelling my DD they refunded around £300 but am still awaiting the outstanding £500, any advice on how I can actually get this back?

  • Helen

    what if you no you are owed a rebate and can’t remember the company you were with.
    When I swapped companys a few years ago. I no I was in credit put a claim in at the time and then forgot all about it.It’s only now having read articles about unclaimed money I remembered.How could I find out where to get my money back from.

  • Firecrestphoto

    I have just switched from Ovo, they had my final meter reading from 3 sources, my new provider, their own meter reader and my own reading. I was significantly in credit, yet despite that, they took another DD after the switch increasing the balance of money they owe me even more. They first told me I would get my money back in 2 weeks, then they told me that I would get my credit balance back in 6 weeks after they had validated the final reading. What the hell are they talking about, they have had the final reading already and have just confused the issue with misinformation. Will I ever get my money back.

  • lucus

    i am being so ripped of by sse my meter has economy 7 and for years its been cutting in at 12.48am till 7.48am and summer time cuts in 1.48am, its costing me everything and i just swopped to edf 1bed flat on my my own i have learning disabilitys autism and i now been quoted 2500 a yeae im constantly putting every penny on my key near 50 a week and i dont no how to prove this as they wont admit this or what i can possibly do im suicidle and constantly hungry cold depressed and its just destroyed my life so badly i just cant explain it very well they dont care less can anybody please guide me what i can do .i have reciepts.