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Meet the small suppliers… Good Energy

Good Energy out in full force

Good Energy out in full force

With small suppliers continuing to dominate the energy best buy tables, we’ve decided to take a closer look at some of the smaller players in the market.

In this edition of Meet the Small Suppliers, we chat to Good Energy, one of the greenest energy producers in the country. Based in Wiltshire in the South West of England, Good Energy started life as Monkton Group before changing their name to Good Energy in 2003.

The supplier has since come on in leaps and bounds and now counts more than 66,000 households as customers, as well as its own wind farm in Cornwall.

Good Energy is focussed on providing a green solution to the UK’s energy needs and prides itself on being the first dedicated 100% renewable electricity provider.   The supplier sources its power from more than 800 renewable generators in the UK, which use solar, wind, hydro and wave power to create electricity.

Good Energy talks renewable energy and making the UK a greener place

We spoke to founder and Chief Executive of Good Energy, Juliet Davenport, about what sets the company apart from the other energy suppliers out there.

Can you tell us a bit about the origins of Good Energy?

Juliet Davenport: Good Energy was founded over 15 years ago to give households a positive choice about where their power comes from. Our pledge to 100% renewable electricity has stood the passage of time and we are as committed to making the UK a safer and greener place as we were then.

There are a lot of energy suppliers out there, what makes you different?

JD: It’s what our customers say that sets us apart. Here are some of the personal messages I’ve recently been sent:

  • “We love what you do”
  • “A force for good”
  • “Probably the best energy company in the world”

Can you sum up the ideas behind Good energy in a sentence?

JD: Delivering a cleaner, greener world with fantastic customer service and a value for money product.

If you are interested in switching to Good Energy, we recommend running a quick price comparison to find out how much a switch could save you.

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