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And then there was one: SSE is fifth of six to cut prices

Energy supplier announces 4.1% price drop effective in 3 months’ time

SSE fifth to drop prices in 2015

SSE fifth to drop prices in 2015

Today big six energy supplier SSE announced it would be the fifth in line to cut its prices — though customers will have to wait until nearly May to see the change to their bills.

Only EDF Energy is left to cut its prices, as E.ON, British Gas, ScottishPower and npower have all published plans to drop prices. Only E.ON has made those changes effective immediately, announcing and cutting costs 13 January.

‘Disappointing’ cuts haven’t been further and sooner

At 4.1%, SSE’s cut comes out in the middle compared to its competitors: npower cut the most at 5.1%; E.ON the least at 3.5%.

Meanwhile, SSE’s standard plan customers will have to wait the longest yet — 30 April — for the average yearly savings of  £28 to show up on their bills.

This was noted by Director of Consumer Policy Ann Robinson:

“It looked as though the gas bill reductions were slowly becoming more generous, but it’s disappointing that SSE has not reduced its prices further or sooner.

“Is EDF Energy going to be the one who does the right thing and announce a price cut that properly reflects the fall in wholesale prices? Energy companies need to take greater steps forward to help ease the pressure on homes trying to make ends meet – rather than simply pointing their toes in the right direction.”

Only supplier to freeze prices in 2014

Steve Forbes, SSE’s Director of GB Domestic, said of the announcement:
“We were the only supplier to freeze prices and we promised we would cut them if we could; now we’re delivering on that promise with an average £28 reduction in gas bills.

“Only SSE customers can bank on the fact that their standard energy prices won’t increase under any circumstances before July 2016.

“Our prices are coming down, they’re staying down and we want to work with government to bring them down further.”

2015 big six price cuts to date

Change Comes into effect
E.ON Gas: down 3.5% 13 January
British Gas Gas: down 5% 27 February
ScottishPower Gas: down 4.8% 20 February
npower Gas: down 5.1% 16 February
SSE Gas: down 4.1% 30 April


  • Frozen0ne

    SSE – wow don’t even bother, reduce it when most people’s heating won’t even be on. Hope the fat cats at the top are nice and toasty while the rest of us have to freeze and that’s with the heating to the limit we can afford…most certainly taking my custom elsewhere….to none of the top 6 I might add