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DECC launches new campaign urging consumers to switch energy supplier

Power to Switch campaign sheds light on savings of £2.7 billion up for grabs

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DECC urges consumers to switch supplier to save

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) this week launched its latest campaign to raise awareness of the £2.7 billion in savings available to the 13.5 million households who have never switched energy supplier.

The campaign is called Power to Switch, and outlines to consumers that the ability to save money by moving off of expensive tariffs is in their hands.

The campaign further highlights that now is the time to switch as the government have enacted several changes to make the market easier to understand and more accessible.

Making it easier to switch

Similar to Ofgem’s campaign in 2014, DECC makes note of recent changes within the energy industry that make it easier and less confusing to switch.

These changes include recently cutting switching times down from up to six weeks to just 17 days (a two week cooling of period plus three days for the actual switch).

There was also much work completed in 2014 around enforcing suppliers to make their bills clearer and remove expensive “dead” tariffs and move long-time customers onto newer standard rate tariffs.

But, as Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey explains, the government and regulatory bodies can only do so much, and it is now up to the consumers to take advantage of some of the cheapest tariffs on the market in years:

“When it comes to switching, the power is in people’s hands to get a better deal and save.

“We’ve reformed the market so that there are more suppliers, more competition, and a much faster and simpler process to switch. That means millions of people can switch supplier and save hundreds of pounds today.”

Now’s the time to ‘be an energy shopper’

The DECC campaign echoes the sentiment of energy regulator Ofgem’s call for consumers to be “energy shoppers”.

The Ofgem campaign aimed to educate consumers with erroneous understanding of the switching process: many were found to believe switching would be too much hassle or that savings would not apply to them.

However, the recent CMA update into the energy industry found that 95% of households are paying up to £234 more than they need to by being loyal to a big six supplier.

Meanwhile, Ofgem recently announced a strengthened Confidence Code, which is the voluntary code of conduct by which price comparison sites must adhere to.

These changes were welcomed by uSwitch: “We have worked alongside Ofgem to help shape the new Confidence Code and believe it further strengthens consumer trust in price comparison websites as the best way to save money on energy bills. The new Code is fully in line with our ongoing plans to develop our service so consumers can continue to compare tariffs in a simple, transparent, fair, independent and unbiased way.”


  • Dave

    Hi, I am currently with Scottish Power, paying over £150-00 per month, so I am gobsmacked to find that you are picking them out as one of the cheapest providers.

    • tanya

      Look at your usage to see if you are being charged more on your direct debit if your not then thinks you need to look at how much energy you are using,

      • George

        That’s fine saying switch and save still no one has dealt with the discrimination that is in place for the most poor households who are penalised by poorer tariffs because they have to have a prepayment meter. In addition to this persons who move into households that have prepayment meters already installed also have to suffer through this as they can’t move to a direct debit because the property has been blacklisted as a poor payer due to the prepayment meter being there, and before they will agree to removing the meter they demand £1000 deposit to switch to direct debit. So when will the discrimination of the poorest in society be lifted as well as the discrimination of those who purchase house with prepayment meters still in place

    • vic

      scottish power has been a real rip -off to their old loyal customers charging up to £400 more/annum as compared to other suppliers in the market. Take my advice today, dump Scottish Power and go elsewhere right away and you will save hundreds of pounds from today.

  • Andy

    It’s about time that households who are on Economy 10 tariffs were treated the same as everyone else. At present anyon on Economy 10 cannot switch on any of the switching providers. This is surely discrimination.