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£1.1bn owed by energy suppliers — is some of it yours?

You could have overpaid during the winter period and now be in line for a refund

uSwitch recently revealed that despite higher disposable incomes, lower inflation and price cuts to energy tariffs, the number of households in debt to their energy supplier is at almost four million.

Collectively, these households owe £507 million, yet it turns out that the energy suppliers themselves could owe consumers even more!

New credit research

New figures suggest that 46% of homes could be owed money amounting to £1.1bn, that’s an average refund of £93 each.

One in ten UK homes could even be in for a refund of £200. It’s likely that these households paid estimated bills over their usage amount, and are now entitled to some of their money back — a welcome boost to personal finances no doubt.

To avoid overpaying in the first instance, you should take regular meter readings so your supplier knows exactly how much energy you are using and should be paying for. This can be done by phoning your supplier, or using your online account management.

The rules around reclaiming

Check your bill to find out whether or not you’re in credit, or phone your energy supplier if you’re still not sure.

Many energy companies, including the majority of the big six, now refund credit automatically on the anniversary of when you switched to them as a supplier.

Although it may seem taxing and laborious to reclaim any money you think might be owed to you by an energy company, it is probably easier than you think. Energy companies have to return the excess amount you’ve paid if you ask for it, unless there is a good reason not to.

Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at, says:
“Under rules introduced a few years ago, suppliers must refund this money to you if requested, so claiming what is yours has never been easier.”

Even if you’ve been paying more than you should be, being in credit doesn’t mean you’re on the cheapest tariff for your household, and switching could still save you money.

  • Mike Plant

    I’m with Scottish power and we were informed that we are £320.00 in credit on our gas and electric bill and were entitled to a full refund so my wife phoned them up as to claim the refund and was instantly fobbed off being told that we will only give you £100.00 and if we took all of the £320.00 our next bill will go up by £250.00, surely this cannot right but what can we do?. We also found that the call centre and customer relations were appalling. We are now looking to switch

    • Sick of ScottishPower..!

      Dear British Spirit,
      I am owed by SCOTTISH POWER over £560 in credit, and I got the same excuse. I have made a formal complaint, but it will just join my pile I have of complaints made to this down right disgusting so called Company…!
      We should tell them, interest will be added to the monies owed, and I will update with what they say…!!!!


      • Don’tlettherobbingb*#*#*##win

        Why not just withhold money until u have cleared your credit u are owed in energy costs.this always gets there attention,but always state u are willing to pay when they have sorted out the problem.