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uSwitch announces new collective switch in the works

Full details to be revealed Wednesday 30th September

uSwitch collective switch

On Wednesday 30th September, uSwitch will reveal a tariff exclusive to its customers, by means of a collective switch.

A collective switch simply means a third party (in this case uSwitch) negotiates a competitive energy deal on behalf of a group of consumers (a collective). This differs from the most common way of energy switching where someone finds a cheaper plan individually, specifically for their own home.

uSwitch received bids from suppliers to provide the tariff for the particular collective (uSwitch customers), and has chosen the one they believe will most benefit consumers.

Limited Availability

To be eligible to switch to this deal you need to be a dual fuel or electric only user, and not on a prepayment or economy 10 meter. From Wednesday 30th you can run a comparison on our site to indicate how much our exclusive collective plan could save you, then simply switch.

This exclusive collective switch plan is only available for a limited amount of time, so if you’re looking to change energy supplier for a competitive tariff you should put Wednesday 30th September in your diary, and act fast to secure this market-leading deal.

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