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Do high energy bills, train delays and dark mornings make you grumpy in winter?

A uSwitch poll reveals our main gripes about Winter and the things we do to prepare and make the whole thing more bearable

winter landscape

A recent poll from uSwitch has found out what it really is that winds us up about the chilliest season.

Despite many viewing the festive season as a highlight of wintertime, Christmas (marketing, festive songs and expenditure) came in the top five wind-ups along with dreaded colds and generally bad weather.

The top 20 things that wind Brits up during winter:

  1. Colds and flu
  2. High energy bills
  3. How dark it is in the mornings
  4. The weather
  5. Christmas – marketing, festive songs and saving for presents
  6. Slipping on ice
  7. How cold it is at home
  8. Getting up early to de-ice the car
  9. Feeling miserable
  10. Clocks going back
  11. Everyone’s grumpy
  12. People being dramatic about bad weather conditions
  13. Drivers slithering around in the snow, blocking routes
  14. People wearing summer clothes and then complaining that they’re cold
  15. More parents clogging up roads by driving children to school
  16. Commuting or train delays
  17. Rubbish on the TV
  18. Trying to use your phone while wearing gloves
  19. Having to carry an umbrella everywhere
  20. Cost of going out

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Tom Lyon, energy expert at, commented on the findings:

“As a nation we love to moan, especially about our long list of winter woes.

“Almost half of consumers get annoyed by cold weather and high energy bills, yet just one in 20 switch energy provider to prepare for winter.

Preparing for winter

The survey of 2,000 adults also asked what they did as a ritual to prepare for winter.

Despite energy bill prices being a large and resaonable annoyance,  just six per cent do so to prepare for winter. Instead, Brits are more likely to turn on the heating (51%), swap to a warmer duvet (38%) and replace summer clothes for jumpers (26%).

The top 10 things Brits do to prepare for winter:

  1. Turn on the heating
  2. Put a warmer duvet on the bed
  3. Get jumpers out the cupboard
  4. Cut the garden back
  5. Put summer clothes away
  6. Get the boiler serviced
  7. Stock up on tins of soup
  8. Buy a new coat
  9. Get the car serviced
  10. Buy new gloves and a hat

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  • S newton

    Change to to the ceapest gas supplier!!! The next 4 months are about 50% of your gas usage over the year, you’ll have credit from summer, best time of year to change don’t let winter bills build up for a a January shock!!!