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Is your household having thermo-spats? You’re not alone

It seems that many of us are guilty of cranking up the heating when others aren’t looking


As soon as the heating needs to come on for winter, there will inevitably be disagreements;  the temperature of the home seems to be a contentious issue amongst couples, with many of us sneakily upping the degrees when there’s no one around to see.

Thermostat wars

A uSwitch survey has revealed how more than half of UK couples (52%) are set to argue over the heating in the home this winter — resulting in more than 17 million predicted ‘thermo-spats’ a week.

Overall, figures suggest that women are the ones in control when it comes to the warmth of their home. 79% of women admit that they turn up the heating when their partner isn’t looking to help keep warm, and 42% men claim they’ve given full responsibility for the thermostat to their other halves.


Remote control

Advances in technology now means that turning up the heating can be done out of sight, remotely. 9% claim they argue with their significant other regarding using an app to turn up the heating — just one of the top 5 winter arguments had by British couples:

Men’s most common winter arguments with their partners:

  1. The cost of energy bills
  2. Hogging the duvet at night
  3. Using a free standing heater
  4. Controlling the thermostat remotely
  5. Keeping the curtains drawn to keep the heat in


  1. Hogging the duvet at night
  2. The cost of energy bills
  3. Wearing a t-shirt instead of a jumper
  4. Walking barefoot rather than putting on socks or slippers
  5. Keeping the curtains drawn to keep the heat in

Avoiding the winter grumbles

Tom Lyon, energy expert at uSwitch says:

“Everyone feels the cold differently, but there are simple ways to avoid those winter grumbles. For example, agree to keep your thermostat at a constant temperature, rather than cranking it up or down, and get a timer to schedule when the heating turns on and off each day.

“You should also look to switch your energy tariff to one of the many cheap deals on offer, before the cold weather begins to bite.”

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  • Dennis Tate

    Firstly if the thermostat is located in the correct position of the house, that is in a part of the house where there is no TRV valve on the radiator in that vicinity eg passage way the heating will be more efficient from the main boiler. Then just set the rest of the TRV valves to suit room temperature.
    Never a problem in our home, but this depends if the heating system is efficient. Worth looking into it folks stops a lot of arguments.