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All of the “Big Six” suppliers have now made cuts to standard domestic gas prices

But where are the standard electricity price cuts?

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British Gas and EDF have become the final two “Big Six” suppliers to make cuts to their standard gas rates. Both companies will be applying a 5.1% cut to their standard domestic gas rates, resulting in a 3% reduction in the average dual-fuel bill.

The cuts work out at around £31 off an annual bill, but only apply if a customer is on a standard variable plan.

British Gas’ cut comes into effect from 16th March, and EDF’s will start to affect bills from 24th March.

This latest announcement makes British Gas the only major provider to cut gas prices three times since the start of last year.

Details of the recent round of cuts

Supplier Cut Effective from


Gas — 5.1%


EDF Energy

Gas — 5%


British Gas

Gas — 5.1%



Gas — 5.4%



Gas — 5.2%



Gas — 5.3%


Still no cuts to electricity

Last year, wholesale electricity costs dropped by a huge 23%. Despite this, customers on Big Six standard plans have not seen this reduction in price on their own bills. Director of Consumer Policy, Ann Robinson, says: “By being the first big six supplier to make three cuts to standard gas prices, British Gas is again leading by example.

“But while these reductions are welcome, they should go even further. Wholesale electricity prices fell 23% last year so it’s deeply disappointing that all the major suppliers are still refusing to reduce standard electric tariffs.

“Many British homes are electricity only and desperately need more help to keep warm this winter.

“In the meantime, standard tariff customers should make their own price cut by switching to a cheaper fixed deal to save an average of £325 a year.

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  • ray

    its funny (well not really) how all the big 6 come up with almost identical % cuts on gas tariffs & yet nothing on electric tariffs. and every year its the same. when the price goes up they say we have to raise prices because the wholesale price has gone up, but when the wholesale price comes down they seem to have a memory breakdown and forget to drop the prices. they also always put the price down as the warmer weather arrives so we don’t get much of a benefit. every year they do the same thing and its no use trying to get our government to try to take any action against them, well they wouldn’t would they, in the future they’ll be looking to get on the board of one of the big six, so better not ruffle any feathers.

    • jonaud

      john. When I was younger they called this a “CARTEL”. Time has not changed large Companies who practice ripping off their customers. What is the purpose of Government watchdogs other than to provide highly paid jobs for the favoured.

  • Vikki Carter

    and they try to tell us they don’t “fix” the market xx lol

  • MJ

    It makes sense, gas is more expensive and the whole sale price has dropped, hence cheaper gas prices. You have to remember it is a business not a charity

    • MJ

      The fact is if you use a lot of gas/elec it’s pay for it. Do you complain about the phone tariffs out there that are clearly more of a rip off ?

      • Barry

        Heating your home is a necessity not a luxury you idiotic person