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Meet the Small Suppliers: Bulb

New energy supplier Bulb’s Co-Founder Hayden Wood talks about their plan to transform the energy industry

bulb team photo

Our Meet the Small Supplier series features smaller, independent gas and electricity suppliers of the UK. We interview them to find out more about who they are, what makes them different and why you might choose to switch your energy to them.

Bulb entered the energy market just last year, but with big plans to transform the way the UK gets and uses its energy. We asked Co-Founder Hayden Wood to tell us their story.

uSwitch: Can you tell us a bit about Bulb’s beginning and how you got to where you are now?

Hayden Wood: My co-founder, Amit Gudka, and I used to work in the energy industry where we saw first hand that consumers were getting a raw deal: prices were too high and service was awful.

We were also constantly speaking to people who wanted to use renewable energy in their home but couldn’t because it was too expensive. So, we started Bulb to give people a real choice of affordable renewable energy.

We also know there is a deep-rooted lack of trust in energy suppliers, and people are used to not feeling in control. To overcome this, we’ve worked hard to build an exceptional customer service experience that gives people real agency. Whether it’s our online community where people share tips about reducing usage, or the fact that we answer the phone in eight seconds on average, we’re constantly trying to raise the bar for what people expect from their energy supplier.

uSwitch: What makes Bulb unique in the energy market?

Hayden Wood: We always try to make things simple for our growing community, and that’s why we only have one tariff — so you know you’re always on our best deal. We keep our costs low and pass on savings quickly to our members; we’ve reduced our prices five times since November.

Supporting independent producers is part of our mission to change the industry, so our electricity is sourced from independent hydro sites in Wales and Scotland. Oh, and a growing percentage of our gas comes from pig waste — that’s pretty unique!

uSwitch: Can you describe Bulb’s philosophy in one sentence?

Hayden Wood: Giving consumers the choice to change the future of energy.

uSwitch: Anything else you’d like to say about Bulb?

Hayden Wood: Bulb is a technology-led energy company. That means we do everything to embrace smart technology to bring our costs down (and pass those savings onto our members), and also work closely with our members to bring their own usage down.


  • jackie povey

    Hi. I currently pay by submitting my meter readings online then a bill is created whereby I then make an online payment via Debit card . If I swapped to yourselves would this still be an option for me I do not wish to pay via direct debit. Thanks

  • mark

    Im in the process of searching every single Ofgem accreditted website for gas and electricity and the only company that i could save with is Bulb, Ive just read about the company and what they are doing, Amazing but would like to know – why am I not switching yet – maybes someone who is a customer of Bulb could tell me why they are a Bulb customer thanks

  • John

    Where are the answers to the question posed by Mark and Jackie Povey to month ago I am looking to change my supplier urgently Bulb’s information looks fine on the face of it but why the delay in responses??

  • Jan

    I’d like to see if anyone answers the question from Jackie before I switch and, if this is an ‘online community’ why have no other customers replied? Like John, I think all looks great on the face of it but……

  • Rob

    Hello, if you care to you take a look at Bulb’s terms and conditions. Then you will find you answers. When I checked it stated that :
    if you are on a deemed agreement then you may pay by debit card. It is point (3.9) on the list.

  • Grahame Hopper

    I’ve been with Bulb for almost a year now and have never been dissappointed with their service. They’ve answered all of my questions, there’s a community blog and the rates have always been the best on the market for me. In addition, they pay any early exit penalty charges from other utility providers, they also DO NOT have any exit fees, should you decide to switch away (but why?) I’ve just received an email from them today, with my reduced bill (as expected) and they are celebrating having reached 200,000 member/customers. In celebration they have an additional incentive for introducing new members, £100.00 for both the introducer and the new member. If you are interested this is a link to claim your £100.00 as a newly introduced member

  • Louise

    My friends have been with Bulb for a while and said how great their customer service and prices are. I’m a strong supporter of renewable energy. I switched & we both earned £100 each. I phoned them a few times today to ask questions and they are very helpful. They are the cheapest supplier in my region (SW) according to USwtich. Try them and see, you earn £100 and it takes 2 minutes to switch. Then you get a referral code and invite your friends and family. This special offer ends on midnight, Monday 20th Nov 2017, so be Quick!

  • Niall Maher

    Recently joined bulb and so far have no complaints. Their customer service has been great.

    If anyone else is looking to get £50 credit on sign up then you can use the link below. Full disclosure, I’ll get £50 credit too. Cheers!

  • eeve

    <3 best decision I've made. No more junkmail, junkrates and I don't feel like I need to wash after paying the bills. I've got me a handy £50 credit referral link for anyone who's interested:

    • Theresa Farlow

      Done – £50 credit heading your way in 2-3 weeks!

      • eeve

        Great and thank you

  • fiona P

    really happy I left eon to come to bulb. I have had no problems yet and its nearly a year now.

  • Saminee Foster

    Switched to bulb. Best decision ever. Green Energy. 100% Renewable. Paperless statement. Good customer service. Cheaper night energy rate (half off the day rate)

    Use my link so you and I can get £50 referral credit (that’s a month worth of energy bill!)

    • Rizwan

      Thanks for posting this, £50 coming your way and mine!

  • Nicola Mcdonald

    ABSOLUTELY love this company, not only are they extremely prompt and haVE fantastic customer service, the really know how to reward their customers, plus, they are 100% renewable energy. love that!
    if you sign up via my link, the will award your account (also mine) with £50. Who doesn’t love free money??

    HAPPY MONEY SAVING with this fantastic company!!

    • sally Lewis

      thanks for posting this, £50 coming your way and mine!

  • ian Dobbie

    hi looking to switch to bulb , but on benefits. can anyone advise if they allow direct debit payments fortnightly in line with my benefit payments , my supplier only allows 1 payment @ £60.00 in one hit. . Also do they have warm home-discount scheme to claim assistance. Any advise appreciated thanks

  • Frederico Cardoso

    I must say I’m really pleased to have shifted to BULB, really clear view of costs and a massive saving from previous energy provider.
    I have used a referral link to join Bulb and got £50 credit once I’ve opened my account, if YOU want a FREE Month of energy, get that extra £50 on your account by follow the link

    It is nice and easy! 😀

    • Frederico Cardoso

      £50 on your account by follow the link

  • Robert Whelan

    I joined Bulb this year and pay a lot less than I used to with one of the big companies for my Gas and Electricity and if you have any problems or questions they respond very quickly and actually answer the question you asked. They made switching easy. They are green too. I feel much happier and more relaxed. I used a link like the one below to join and we both got £50.00, please join with my link.
    To use the link copy or type the referral link below into your browser ensuring no spaces appear between the uk and the / once in the browser.