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Bulb bucks the trend with a 2.5% energy bill decrease

Small energy supplier Bulb has just one tariff, meaning a cut to every customer’s bill

new ideas for green energy

Small supplier Bulb entered the energy market determined to do things a little differently to some of  the larger suppliers, and it seems they’re continuing with that ethos.

The company boast paying customer’s exit fees when joining, supplying 100% renewable electricity (10% green gas), and having the simplicity of only one tariff on offer. Now, at a time when some of the big six are increasing their standard energy rates by up to 10%, they’re decreasing theirs by 2.5%.

2.5% cut means £889 average bill

Bulb’s decrease of 2.5% to its one and only tariff  (variable rate — “vari-fair”) comes at a time when wholesale prices are beginning to fall.

Claire Osborne, energy expert at uSwitch says:

“Amidst the doom and gloom of recent price rises, this cut shows that there could be light at the end of the tunnel for energy customers.”

“Bulb raised prices by 7% in November 2016 but this cut will make its tariff £889 a year – £249 cheaper than the average big six standard plan.

“Bulb’s cut is the first price reduction this year, laying down the gauntlet for others in the market to follow suit.”

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  • Grumpytom

    listening to R4 this AM I note the CEO of Scottish power was NOT asked why their variable rate was not going down in correlation to the market prices of energy. I have just switched (like last week) toOctopus as they have a better tracker – but I’ll be watching for bulb Vs Octopus and see if another switch is worthwhile. The devilish detail is the standing charge – Scottish 26p per day – Octopus 19 – dual fuel 2x as much. Cheap energy is only part of the issue

    • JFrederick

      Nobody can supply 100% green energy.
      The stuff that comes out of the socket is the same for everybody.
      Now, if you had said that Bulb only bought green energy, you might have a point.
      But, what the **** is green gas??

      • Pete Stubbs

        Comes out of my starfish on a Saturday morning..

  • Albert Towndrow

    Were we to have a severe cold winter, then some Suppliers may loose out to the Cheaper suppliers. This is Going to Worry the Top four Energy Suppliers. So I see Gas being the Alternate Fuel to Gain.