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UK's energy bills set to rise by £16m as fixed deals end

UK's energy bills set to rise by £16m as fixed deals end

Why pay more for the same energy?

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The UK’s collective energy bills are set to rise by £16 million as a number of fixed energy deals come to an end on 31st January.

With 47 energy deals due to expire at the end of the month, 142,000 households could see their annual bills increase by hundreds as they are automatically rolled onto poor-value standard variable tariffs.

Rip-off rollover

Homes that don’t switch at the end of their plan will see their energy bills rise by £114 on average.

However, some could face an annual energy bill increase of more than £190 if they don’t switch to a better deal.

EDF customers whose ‘Simply Fixed Jan20’ tariff ends this month will see their bill rise by an average £192 when rolling onto their supplier’s standard variable tariff, while Shell Energy’s standard tariff is £175 more expensive than the expiring ‘First Fixed January 2020’ tariff.

Customers on ScottishPower, npower, British Gas and Gulf tariffs will also see price increases of more than £120 if their fixed tariff ends on January 31st.

Time to switch and save

Sarah Broomfield, energy expert at Uswitch, said: “People are already feeling the strain on their wallets after Christmas, and the last thing they need is for their energy bill to shoot up. Anyone whose fixed energy deal is coming to an end soon will be rolled on to an expensive Standard Variable Tariff if they don’t choose a new, cheaper plan. So now is the time to take action.

“In the past six months we’ve seen the lowest-priced deals becoming even cheaper. Households can take advantage of more than 50 fixed deals available for less than £1,000 per year and switch now.

“If you switch to a fixed deal this time, make sure you also sign up for a reminder to alert you when the plan is next due to expire – to keep you firmly in control of who you give your hard-earned money to.”

You can take a look at the cheapest deals available through Uswitch in our table below, and run a tailored comparison for your home here.

Supplier Plan name Tariff type Price

Based on average bill sizes for a medium energy user on a dual fuel plan paying by monthly direct debit, and averaged across all regions. This information is updated hourly with energy plans which are available to switch to through Uswitch. To appear in this table, plans must be available in at least seven of the 14 regions.

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