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Is your town keen to go green?

Is your town keen to go green?

Switch to a green deal today - just look out for the plans highlighted with the green label in your results

With a third of New Year’s resolutions this year dedicated to helping the planet*, there’s a big focus on going green around the home. The popularity of green energy plans is growing as a result - but how does your area stack up?

Of those who said they want to help the environment this year, almost half (46%) said they intend to reduce their plastic waste, while 37% said they aim to carry reusable shopping bags. Almost a third (31%) resolved to use a refillable water bottle.

Another way of living more sustainably is by switching to a renewable or ‘green’ energy tariff - and you could save on your bills at the same time.

Green energy is becoming more accessible, with most suppliers offering at least one tariff that uses 100% renewable electricity or some level of renewable gas. In 2019, 44% of switches through Uswitch were to a green energy plan.

However, the perceived cost of going green is holding some people back. Less than a quarter of people would switch to an entirely renewable energy plan if it meant paying more. Of those who said they would pay extra, just a third said they would pay more than £5 a month more.

Thankfully, green energy plans are no longer prohibitively expensive, with many of them among the cheapest plans on the market.

Rik Smith, energy expert at Uswitch, said: “What’s great about switching to green energy deals is that it benefits the planet while putting money back in consumers’ pockets too. Households who switched to green deals last year saved nearly £270 on average.

“But even though green tariffs are becoming more popular, our research shows that many people are still uncertain about giving them a go.”

How does your area compare?

Londoners were keenest to go green in 2019, with 53% of switches in the capital to a renewable tariff. Almost half of the switches in Manchester (49%) were to green plans, with Aberdeen close behind at 48%.

Use the energy deals checker below to see how your area compares in terms of switches to green energy plans, and see the green tariffs that are cheapest on average in your region.

For a tailored quote and to see green plans we can switch you to today, compare here and look out for the ‘green’ label on your results.

*Source: poll of 2,000 adults. Research conducted online by Opinium between 14-17 January, among adults responsible for energy bills, weighted to be nationally representative.
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