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Five million UK households set thermostats higher than Lanzarote

Five million UK households set thermostats higher than Lanzarote

With winter well and truly upon us, Uswitch research has shown that one in five households in the UK - around five million - are setting their thermostats at temperatures higher than popular holiday destination Lanzarote.

At 22°C, these thermostats are set three degrees higher than climate change recommendations. Nearly 1.5 million households are setting their thermostats even higher at 25°C, which is higher than the average temperature in Sydney at this time of the year.

However, households that turn their thermostats down by a single degree could save up to £128 on their energy bills. To that end, one in seven people have said they’re turning their thermostats down by at least one degree compared to last year, saving money on their bills and helping combat climate change but remaining comfortable enough to enjoy the festive season.

Will Owen, energy expert at, comments: “By turning thermostats down by just one degree, people could potentially cut their energy costs by an estimated £128 a year.

“Many people have been turning down the thermostat over the last 12 months. Some will have been prompted to lower their thermostats so they can reduce their bills, while others are likely trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

“At this time of year it is important to stay warm, and anyone who is worried about paying their energy bills this winter should contact their energy supplier, who can offer advice and support.”

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