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ENGIE is a new energy supplier to the UK serving England, Scotland and Wales

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ENGIE may have only entered the UK domestic energy market in 2017, but they did so as the largest company to enter the UK energy market in more than 15 years.

The energy supplier currently serves more than 16 million homes worldwide.

ENGIE are in fact a large, multinational energy company based in France, generating their own electricity and acting as the second-largest gas transporter in the EU.

After supplying energy to businesses in the UK for years, at the start of 2017, they began taking on domestic energy customers in England, Scotland and Wales.

ENGIE offers both gas and electricity, and have a Newcastle-based customer service team.

Why we like ENGIE

The gas and electricity supplier have put customers at the core of their business, promising to roll fixed plan customers on to the cheapest available tariff when their fixed energy plan ends.

Also part of the energy provider's core principles is a focus on renewable energy. Also part of the energy provider's core principles is a focus on renewable gas and electricity. They offer 100% renewable electricity across all domestic energy tariffs at no extra cost.

Customer satisfaction

As a new entrant to the energy market, ENGIE was not included in our most recent independent YouGov survey so we don't have a customer satisfaction rating for this supplier.

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