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Cost per mile

Cost Per Mile

How much does it cost to run Britain’s most popular cars per mile?

Burning car with police car behind.

The most expensive films for car crashes

With car crashes, explosions and overturns all featuring regularly in our favourite pulse-racing blockbusters, Uswitch were keen to estimate just how much these scenes might cost in car damage.

Child in car seat in back of car

The laws, dos and don’ts around children’s car seats

Top tips for travelling in a car with children this summer, including the laws associated with car seats.

Don’t suffer behind the wheel: How to hay fever proof your car this summer

It can be hard to avoid the symptoms of hay fever in summer, but there’s no reason you should suffer while driving. Here’s how to hay fever proof your car.

The tikTok Motor League

The Most Popular Cars on TikTok

Car Videos on TikTok have racked up billions of views, but which makes and models are the most popular?

Family moving home in their car

Using your car to move home? Here's how to stay safe and legal on the road

Moving house is stressful enough without the added issue of getting a fine in the process. Make sure you are abiding by the law when moving big furniture.

Bird poo on car

How to remove tree sap, bird poo and blossom from your car

Tree sap, bird poo and blossom can cause irreversible damage to your car’s paintwork if left. Here's how to remove these common causes of paintwork damage.

Where to park for cheaper car insurance

Who owns the major car makers now?

The UK car industry turned out more than million new motors in the past 12 months alone - from Fords, to MINIs, Jaguars and more - despite Coronavirus, but almost none of the brands are British owned any more. So who controls the brands Brits drive most often? We explain exactly who now owns everyone from Alfa Romeo to Volvo.

Man driving his car

When’s the best time to switch car insurance for a cheap quote?

Is there a best and worst time to switch car insurance? Should you leave renewing car insurance to the last minute or not?

Car driving in the dark and rain

Do you know when to turn your headlights on?

Uswitch’s research reveals that just 17% of drivers know that the Highway Code states that headlights must be used when visibility is reduced to less than 100m.

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