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The future of diesel cars

With attitudes and legislation towards diesel fuel changing, what does the future hold for diesel cars? We explore the proposed petrol and diesel ban and the plummeting sales of diesel-fuelled cars in the UK.

Car insurance for drivers with vandalism claims

Car insurance for drivers with vandalism claims

Vandalism claims can affect the cost of your car insurance, but there are ways you can save. Read about vandalism claims in our guide and save with Uswitch.

10 common car insurance myths busted

10 common car insurance myths busted

Find out the truth behind 10 common car insurance myths, and ensure you're fully covered without overpaying for your policy.

Car underneath an umbrella

Is third party insurance cheaper than fully comprehensive insurance?

You might assume that third party car insurance is cheaper than a fully comprehensive policy, but this isn't always the case. Find out why and see examples.

Woman on phone in a taxi

Best cars for UK taxi drivers and US cab drivers

Comparing price, legroom, tax, fuel economy and emissions, Uswitch analysed the most common private hire vehicles to find the best cars for taxi drivers.

Scraping the windshield

9 Winter Driving Myths, Debunked

Can you drive in wellies? To help drivers stay safe on the roads, we've debunked the top 10 winter driving myths to set the record straight.

Pedestrian getting splashed by a puddle

One in three drivers admit to splashing pedestrians with puddles

A new survey from Uswitch reveals that one in three drivers risk a fine of up to £5,000 after admitting to soaking someone walking by

Bridge in New York

In pictures: 6 amazing bridges that were never built

See how bridges would have looked in these amazing 3D renders. What if your city had built one of these?

Parking in the UK

The UK's biggest residential parking wars, revealed

We reveal how many Brits know their rights to residential parking, and which cities are fuelled with rage.

Red Chevrolet

Auto Tunes: Which car brands feature the most in music videos?

Uswitch have identified the car make that appears most in music videos from around the world.

Chef cooking with a bottle of wine

Can food with alcohol in it put you over the limit?

Will the liqueur in your tiramisu or the red wine in your coq au vin push you over the drink-drive limit?

Car insurance for your Vauxhall

Car insurance for Vauxhall Zafira - Uswitch

Insuring a Vauxhall Zafira? Read about the car in our guide, then find a car insurance quote for your Vauxhall Zafira with Uswitch. Compare quotes today!

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