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AA might be best known for its breakdown cover and car insurance policies, but it is also a well-established loans provider.

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About AA

The AA is one of the most recognisable brand names in Britain today. In recent years, however, they’ve expanded and diversified. They don’t only provide breakdown assistance, or get you back on the road, they can also help with your financial and borrowing needs as well, supplying everything from insurance, to personal loans and credit cards.

The initials stand for Automobile Association. They were founded in 1905, and believe it or not their aim was to help motorists avoid speeding fines, in response to new legislation that had introduced speed limits.

Diversification has always been at the centre of the AA philosophy. By 1912, they were inspecting hotels and restaurants and awarding stars to the best ones. They then became a leading player in breakdown recovery solutions, with their distinctive yellow painted vehicles. Their move into the financial services market came in the 21st century.

Their saving account was launched in 2004, with a range of insurance product following the year after. By 2010, they had won the Moneyfacts award for the most competitive term direct assurance provider four years in a row.

The AA provides both personal loans and car loans. They are provided on behalf of the organisation by Creation Consumer Finance Limited of Belfast.

All loan applications are assessed from the financial information provided by the applicant, and from information that comes from a credit reference check. The amount offered to an applicant, and the interest rate applied to the loan, can vary depending upon their creditworthiness.

Both personal loans and car loans may be available for any amount between £1,000 and £25,000, and can be paid back over as little as 18 months or as long as 50 months. One unique factor about their loans, is that they include one year’s free breakdown cover as standard.