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Alliance & Leicester

Since merging with Santander the bank has an even larger range of products to choose from. They provide cashback credit cards as well as purchase cards with no annual fee.

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About Alliance & Leicester

Alliance & Leicester was first a building society, and then a major high street bank operating across the United Kingdom. It had its base in Narborough in Leicestershire, and offered a full range of banking facilities, from current and savings accounts to borrowing solutions.

The bank was acquired by the European banking giants Santander in 2008. By the end of 2011, its branches and operations had been rebranded to fall under the Santander umbrella. Alliance & Leicester’s former customers now find a wide range of products available from Santander.

Alliance & Leicester came into existence as a single entity in 1985. This resulted from a merger between the Leicester Building Society and the Alliance Building Society, which had formerly been called the Brighton and Sussex. At the time of the merger, it was one of the largest building societies in the UK.

In 1990, it acquired Girobank from the Post Office, thus increasing its portfolio. Like many other major building societies, it took advantage of new legislation to demutualise. This led to it becoming a bank in 1997, when it was listed on the London stock exchange. Although taken over by Santander five years earlier, the bank continued to operate its Isle of Man based subsidiary under the name of Alliance & Leicester International until mid 2013.

Customers who were formerly customers of the Alliance & Leicester had access to a full range of mortgages, personal loans and credit cards. They could also take advantage of savings and investment opportunities, from bonds to unit trusts.

Since the acquisition, they have merged into Santander, and now find that they have a larger range of products to choose from. These include cashback credit cards, as well as purchase credit cards that have no annual fee. Customers also have the option of making balance transfers, and spreading the payments over a long period.