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Bank of Ireland

The loans on offer from the Bank of Ireland include personal loans, home improvement loans, car loans and car finance packages.

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About Bank of Ireland

The Bank of Ireland is a historical bank with its origins in the heart of the Irish financial system. They are one of the traditional ‘big four’ of Irish banking, but they also offer both saving and lending products to customers in the United Kingdom.

As part of their British operations, the Bank of Ireland administers the current account and loans offered by the Post Office. They also print and circulate their own pound sterling banknotes that are legal currency across the UK.

The original Bank of Ireland was established by royal charter in 1783, making it the oldest bank still operating in Ireland. Its first branch was opened in Dublin, although it soon had others across the country. Although it was not intended to be the official central bank of Ireland, it provided many government banking functions.

After the formation of the Irish Free State in 1922 it became the banker of the government of Ireland, through until 1971. The bank’s British operations were greatly increased by their acquisition of the Bristol and West Building Society in 1996, and they also provide services in the United States, Australia, France and Germany.

Bank of Ireland now provide personal banking, business banking and corporate banking. Their customers can access their accounts through branches in Northern Ireland, as well as online, and through their new tablet banking service.

Mortgages are available for first time buyers, as well as people moving their mortgages, and people who are looking to buy property to then rent out. Applications can be started online, and a mortgage decision can be made in as little as 24 hours.

The loans on offer from the bank include personal loans, home improvement loans, car loans and car finance packages. They also offer credit cards to their customers, including credit cards that have been specifically designed for students.