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Danske Bank

As well as current accounts, savings and investments, the Danish Bank offers loans and mortgages to its customers.

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About Danske Bank

Danske Bank is one of the largest banks in northern Europe. Its name literally translates as ‘Danish Bank’ and although it has its origins in Scandinavia, it is becoming increasingly influential in the United Kingdom, with branches also being opened in Northern Ireland.

Danske has over 5 million customers, and has a presence in several European countries. In 2011, it was named by the Fortune Global 500 as being the 454th biggest company in the world, based upon revenue.

Danske Bank was formed in Copenhagen, Denmark in October 1871, when it had the rather longer name of ‘The Danish Farmer’s Bank, Mortgage and Exchange Bank of Copenhagen’. It was founded by local saddle maker and businessman Gottlieb Abrahamsson Gedalia.

In 1881, it was responsible for the first safety deposit boxes in Europe, and was ahead of its time again when in 1973 it offered online facilities for its customers. In 1983 it opened a branch in London, which was soon followed by one in Hamburg.

This marked the start of their current period of overseas expansion. In 2005 it acquired National Irish Bank in the Republic of Ireland, and the Northern Bank of Northern Ireland, making it a significant player in the British Isles for the first time.

Danske Bank offers its UK customers access through its Northern Ireland branches, or via internet, mobile and iPad banking. As well as current accounts, savings and investments, it offers loans and mortgages.

It provides switcher mortgages, for those transferring from other lending institutions, and first time buyer mortgages. It even offers mortgage open nights at its branches in Northern Ireland, where potential customers can get further information.

Danske provide unsecured fixed rate personal loans, as well as homeowner loans for larger amounts. They also offer special rates for postgraduate funding, for courses up to 2 years in length.