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George Banco

George Banco aim to provide loans to UK residents excluded from mainstream lenders.They offer guarantor loans and can help rebuild credit scores.

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About George Banco

George Banco act as an alternative lender for those with bad credit to banks and payday lenders.

Their loans do not require any security but use a guarantor, a creditworthy individual to support the loan and agree to meet repayments if the borrower can’t meet them.

George Banco will only contact your guarantor for a missed loan payment if they can’t reach an arrangement with you first.

Guarantor loans from George Banco can be used for most purposes; to buy a cars, pay for holidays, make home improvements, consolidate existing debts, or to make large household purchases etc…

Their loans are open to all qualifying UK applicants, regardless of where you live or what you do.

They will try to help you to rebuild your credit score, and offer loans, their credit referencing agency will be updated monthly when you make your repayments on time, which should improve your credit rating.

They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and other consumer credit organisations.