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UK Trust Loans

UK Trust Loans Ltd is a direct lender providing unsecured loans which must be backed by a Guarantor

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About UK Trust Loans

UK Trust Loans Ltd believe in responsible lending, in a way which protects both us as the lender and the borrower. They offer loans on “a partnership basis” to borrowers and a guarantors who must underwrite the loan.

They offer a type of unsecured loan called a guarantor loan. A guarantor loan requires the borrower to have someone willing to step in to meet the monthly repayments if they are unable to do so. Typically the guarantor will need to be a UK homeowner.

UK Trust Loans can be used for any purpose; a new car, a holiday, school fees, house repairs,wedding expenses, etc.

They promise to treat both borrower and guarantor courteously at all times, keeping all comunications clear and simple, avoiding financial jargon to ensure the borrower is comfortable and fully understands UK Trust Loans products and services.