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SIM free mobile phones

  • Buy a phone outright and shop around for a cheap SIM free deal
  • No contract means you're free to choose any network
  • You can save hundreds of pounds compared to phone-and-tariff contracts

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What is a SIM free phone?

The term 'SIM free phone' refers to handsets bought outright and without a contract.

When you buy a phone SIM free, you're solely buying the phone. You don't get the monthly allowance of data, calls and texts that are provided when you buy with the standard phone-and-tariff contracts.

That means that once you've selected your SIM free phone, you'll then have to sign up for a SIM only deal.

As we'll see, there are some major advantages to buying a handset this way. But as we'll also see, it's not for everyone.

What are the advantages of buying a SIM free phone?

More and more people are shunning phone-and-tariff contracts and buying a phone SIM free instead.

So what's behind the trend? In this section, we take a look the key selling points of SIM free phones.

1) It works out cheaper

You can really save money, for one thing. If you do the maths, it actually works out much cheaper to buy a phone SIM free and then get a SIM only deal than it is does to buy a phone on a standard phone-and-tariff contract.

For the sake of example, let's look at some of the iPhone 7 deals available at the time of writing. You could pick up the 32GB model on iD Mobile with monthly allowances of 4GB of data and unlimited texts and calls for £35.99 per month, with £49.99 to pay upfront. That works out to a total outlay of £913.75 over the course of the 24 month contract term.

However, let's suppose you opted to buy the iPhone 7 32GB SIM free for £599. You could then pick up an 12-month iD Mobile SIM with the same monthly allowances of 4GB and unlimited texts and minutes for £9 per month.

Add the £599 outlay to 24 months at £9 per month and your total spend is £815. So that's almost £100 saved over two years.

2) You can switch network whenever you like

SIM free means freedom. Freedom to shop around. And freedom from lengthy contracts.

With standard two-year phone-and-tariff contracts you're tied to your network until you've paid off the phone in full.

Not so with SIM free. Once you've got your phone, you can sign up for a one-month SIM only deal (also known as pay-as-you-go SIM deal) and you're free to change network with just 30 days' notice.

That's handy because if you subsequently see a SIM only deal that's cheaper, you're then free to switch and save yourself some money.

Networks often run limited-time promotions that give you double-data for the same price, for instance. Because you're free to switch with 30 days' notice, you can act quickly and get yourself a really good deal.

3) Going on holiday? Pick a network with inclusive roaming for your destination

Let's suppose you're planning a break to the USA, but it's not covered by your existing network's inclusive roaming scheme.

That means you can either pay for a roaming add-on that does cover that area. Or take your chances and potentially get hit by ruinous roaming charges.

If you bought SIM free and have a one-month/pay as you go SIM only deal, that's not a problem.

You can simply cancel your one-month contract with 30 days' notice. Then sign up for another pay-as-you-go SIM only deal that allows you to use your UK allowances in the US. For example, Three's Feel at Home.

What are the disadvantages of buying a phone SIM free?

The main disadvantage of buying SIM free is the substantial initial outlay. For example, if you're eyeing a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S or Note handset, you'll have to find £600 or so upfront.

Conversely, with standard phone-and-tariff contracts, the cost of the phone is spread over the course of the 24-month contract.

So although you're paying more in the long-term, you don't need to have hundreds of pounds to-hand to get the phone you want.

Where can I find a good SIM only deal?

Head to our SIM only deals page and you'll find plenty of great deals from all major networks. As well as some lesser known networks that are well worth a look and could save you some cash.

Looking for a longer-term SIM only deal? Here's where you can compare 12-month contract SIMs.